Feb. 15 Game Update News

A large number of updates happened today, so for everyone’s convenience, we’ve summarised and translated it all.

9 Million Registered Users


It was announced that Granblue Fantasy has broken 9 million registered users. To commemorate this milestone, a special campaign will take place. Details of this campaign will be announced on Feb. 18 (Thursday).

SR Teena Final Limit Break

This month’s Final Limit Break character is SR Teena.


When you limit break her, you can expect to see a new animation for her Super Attack. The attack now also inflicts the Blind status on enemies.

When she hits Level 80, her first ability receives an upgrade in that it can remove Charm status from allies.

Finally, at Level 90, her second ability is upgraded to inflict Fire damage to Burned enemies in addition to the dark damage already inflicted to Blinded enemies.

By the way her age has been officially revealed to be 22.

New Weapons Receiving Final Limit Breaks


Three new weapons are receiving Final Limit Breaks. They are:

  • Thrand (スラーンド)
  • Carnwenhan (カルンウェナン)
  • Onimaru Kunitsuna (鬼丸国綱)
Name Before After
Thrand Water ATK UP (L) Water ATK UP II
Double Attack Rate UP (M)
Carnwenhan Earth HP UP (L) Earth HP UP II
Earth ATK UP (L)
Onimaru Kunitsuna Water ATK UP (M)
Water HP UP (M)
Water HP UP (M)

New HL Multi-Battles Added

New High Level (HL) Multi-Battles Celeste Magna HL and Dark Angel Olivia HL have been added. As with all other HL battles, you need to be Rank 101 or above to join them. If you aren’t at that rank yet, the battle won’t appear in your lists.

Once you clear the Celeste Magna HL battle, all Celeste Magna weapons can receive their Final Limit Break.

Celeste Claw Magna

Celeste Magna’s fourth weapon, Celeste Claw Magna, has been added.


The weapon’s Super Attack inflicts extra large Dark damage, and has a small chance of removing buffs from enemies.

The weapon has two skills are exactly the same as the Tiamat Bolt Magna. The first skill raises the Attack power of Dark characters (M), and the second skill raises the Attack power of Dark characters indirectly proportionally to their current HP (S).

Chevalier Sword Magna To Be Adjusted

Chevalier Sword Magna is due to be adjusted in the upcoming maintenance (from Feb. 16 01:00 JST to 07:00 JST). The changes are:

  1. The unlock condition of the second skill, Light ATK UP (S), will be changed to Weapon Lv 120. It’s worth noting that the effect of the skills are not changing, only the unlock condition of the second skill.
  2. The number of Chevalier Sword Magnas that can be exchanged for in the shop is being changed from 2 per month to 4. After 4 swords have been exchanged, presumably you will no longer be able to exchange any more. This change will only be applied to Chevalier Sword Magna; no other weapons will be affected.

As an apology for this adjustment, the following compensatory items will be distributed to players who have started or joined applicable multi-battles:

  1. Players who have started one or more Chevalier Magna battle: Chevalier Magna Anima × 3
  2. Players who have started one or more Chevalier Magna HL battle: Primal Bit × 3
  3. Players who have started one or more Chevalier Magna battle, Chevalier Magna Battle HL, or joined any of these battles: Elixir × 2, Soul Powder × 2

Updates to the HAPPY VALENTINE! Campaign

The following characters have had scenes added for the HAPPY VALENTINE! Campaign:

  • SSR Agielba
  • Aldora

Future Updates

Game Director Fukuhara Tetsuya has revealed there will be 3 new Final Limit Breaks added to the game next month.

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