Important Announcement Regarding Legend Gacha

Game Producer Haruta Kouichi posted an announcement regarding important changes to the Legend Gacha system. This is a translation of that post.

Appearance Rate of Individual Items in Legend Gacha

Currently, if you go to the Legend Gacha page and press 提供割合, you are able to see the appearance rate of each rarity.

From Mar. 10 (Thu) onwards, the lower portion of that screen will display the individual appearance rates for each item.

Up until now, only “Appearance Rate Up” (出現率UP) gets displayed during Legend Gacha events. This change has been made in response to your request to know exactly how much the rate has changed.

Display of Appearance Rates for Each Event

Currently, the Appearance Rates of items are only displayed in one place.

From Mar. 10 (Thu) onwards, the appearance rate will be displayed for each Legend Gacha event.

The base appearance rate will not change, but for cases like “Star Legend” and “Legend 10-pull Gacha” where one out of the 10 have special considerations, these details will be noted.

Discontinuation of Gacha Log

Currently, on the Legend Gacha page, a Gacha Log is displayed. However, people have raised concerns that the displayed entries may be questionable.

The management team does not manipulate this log in any way.

It was thought that if we showed that other people were receiving indeed receiving the items, we would be showing the system could indeed be trusted. However, due to the concerns mentioned above, this feature will be discontinued.

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