Grablue Channel #38 News

A number of small bits of information were revealed in the latest episode of Grablue Channel released earlier today.


Four Symbols’ Seals

Four Symbols, Cardinal Guardians, Heavenly Beasts, you get the idea. I’m talking about Genbu, Seiryuu, Byakko and Suzaku. A number of people have noticed that you can actually exchange for more than one copy of the seals used for limit breaking the event weapons.

According to the personalities, if you collect one of all four of them, “something good might happen”. They don’t know what it is yet.

Dancing and Singing Five Flowers (舞い歌う五花)

Regarding the event beginning on Feb. 29th, the personalities have revealed that for the first time ever, there is no free event character that you earn by increasing their trust. Instead, the five mikos are summons that you need to earn the trust to gain them.

  • Diansa (ディアンサ) (CV: Minase Inori)
  • Rinaria (リナリア) (CV: Tanaka Minami)
  • Harie (ハリエ) (CV: Ogura Yui)
  • Kanna (カンナ) (CV: Uchiyama Yumi)
  • Diora (ジオラ) (CV: Takahashi Minami)

And apparently, if you assemble them all, “something good might happen”.

New Character

A new SSR character called Aoidosu (CV: Taniyama Kishou) will be added soon. He shares a Fate Episode with Riruru and you get to hear him sing in it. His setting is a solo singer who lost all his memories from before a year ago. He coincidentally restarted his music career and always carries around a rare instrument (a guitar) from before he lost his memory, which conceals a rapier. He’s also the leader of a group of three very strong mercenaries.

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