Granblue Fantasy 2nd Anniversary Updates (Updated: Feb. 26)

This article has been updated since it was originally published to correct and clarify some information using the Official Announcement as a source. More details can be found at the bottom of the page.

Last Updated on Feb. 26 14:45 JST.

The Granblue Fantasy 2nd Anniversary live stream just concluded not long ago. Here’s a summary of everything they unveiled.


Gacha System Changes

Legend Gacha Exchange System

A new counter is being added to Legend Gacha that starts at 300. Rolling in Legend Gacha will decrease this counter, and once it hits 0, you will be able to exchange for one applicable piece of equipment that is part of the campaign (i.e. has its rate increased). Not all equipments available in the campaign will necessarily be available in this Exchange System.


The following Gachas will affect this counter:

  • Beginners Step Up Gacha
  • Legend Gacha
  • Legend 10-Pull Gacha
  • Star Legend Gacha

Step Up Gacha and Legend Gacha each decrement it by one, whereas Legend 10-Pull Gacha and Star Legend Gacha will decrement it by 10.

Rolls in these gachas, regardless of whichever currency is used—be it Mobacoins (or Grablue Coin), Jewels, or Legend Gacha Tickets—will all decrement the counter.

This counter will reset at the end of every gacha campaign.

Moon System

When you get a duplicate character weapon, you will receive a refund in the form of a special items called Moons. The type of Moon you receive will depend on the rarity of the duplicate you received (R weapon gives a Bronze Moon, SR gives a Silver Moon, SSR gives a Gold Moon). These Moons can then be exchanged for items like 1/2 AP Potions, Job Points, and so on.


Particularly worthy of note is a new weapon called the Damascus Steel Bar, which can be used to limit break a weapon of any rarity.


You will also be able to exchange them for a special ticket that allows you to choose a piece of equipment of your choice from all the pieces of equipment available in the active gacha campaign at the time, including Lucifer/Bahamut/The Order Grande.


A new section will be added to the Shop to facilitate this.


Moons will be retroactively distributed from Mar. 10th onwards. Accounts that are subject to restrictions will be excluded from this.

Regarding New Year Gacha

All paid gacha rolls (mobacoin or grablue coins) made during the new year gacha period (Dec. 31 19:00 JST to Jan. 07 18:59 JST) will be refunded as jewels. All 10-Pull tickets spent during this period will also be refunded. These should have already been distributed.


Separately, everyone will receive 3000 jewels as an apology.

Game Rebalancing

Character Rebalancing

Beatrix is receiving a rebalance to make her more competitive.


Currently, her support ability extends the effect of “Clock Or Delta” by two turns. It will be changed to only extend the buff effects of the ability.


Aside from Beatrix, the following characters are also getting rebalanced:

  • Gawain
  • Magisa
  • Gandagouza
  • Carmelina
  • Six

Job Rebalancing

The jobs Valkyria, Gunslinger, and Sword Master, will also be rebalanced.


Weapon and Summon Rebalancing

Current weapon and summon rebalancing is still being considered, and will depend on future developments such as Defend Order and Sky Journey, so there are no details to announce at the moment.

Cinderella Fantasy Part 5


Part 5 of the THE [email protected] Cinderella Girls collaboration event has been announced. This time, the new characters have been revealed to be Totoki Airi and Koshimizu Sachiko


General Upgrades

Shop Updates


The maximum inventory size for weapons and summons will be increased to 500 each. The inventory expansions can be purchased from the Shop.

Similarly, the maximum number of weapon and summon storages is being increased from 3 to 6. These can also be purchased from the Shop.

Team Presets Renewal


The recently introduced Team Preset function is receiving a renewal to make it easier to use.

Rank Cap Increase

The current rank cap is Rank 150, and 384 people have achieved this rank at the moment. The cap is now being raised to Rank 175.

New content is currently being prepared for even higher ranked players.

Airship Level Increase

The current level cap for Guild Airships is Lv 5. It is now being raised to Lv 9. New upgraded versions of the ships will also be added.

Additional Zenith Perks

Additional Zenith Perks have been announced, but no actual details have been received yet.

Conquest coming to Regular Rotation


Ifrit, Cocytos, Vohu Manah, Saggitarius, Colow and Diablos will be added to regular rotation from Mar. 10. A new difficulty will also be added to make getting the items needed for 4* a bit easier.

However, as Cerberus and Fenrir are special collab conquest battles, they will not be added.

New Multi-Battles

High Level Proto Bahamut Multi-Battle


The High Level (Rank 101 or above) Proto Bahamut Multi-Battle is now being added as all the 6 elements have been added now. Bahamut Weapons will also become upgradeable following this upgrade.

The Order Grande Multi-Battle


There haven’t been many details released regarding this battle yet, but it’s not going to be High Level. Haruta also said the weapons dropped from this battle will be quite special and we should pay attention to them.

New Jobs


Silhouettes for these two new jobs have been revealed, but no other details have been revealed so far. A total of 4 jobs will be added, but the other two have not been revealed yet.

Feb 25 13:49 JST: Add additional details regarding Moons and correct the wording of some gacha related points

Feb 25 14:17 JST: Clarify the new Legend Gacha Exchange System and Moon system, and add additional details for New Jobs and the Preset function

Feb. 25 14:25 JST: Restore a section that went missing.

Feb. 26 14:45 JST: Confirmed that the 300 counter for gacha campaigns will reset.

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