New Character: SSR Eugen

Following on from yesterday’s slew of announcements, Cygames have announced a Legend Fes (from Feb. 26 19:00 JST to Feb. 29 18:59 JST) and the introduction of the new Limited SSR for Earth: Eugen! Not all his details are out yet, but here’s what we know now!

Eugen (CV: Fujiwara Keiji)
Eugen (CV: Fujiwara Keiji)

Rarity: SSR (Limited)
Race: Human
Element: Earth
Type: Attack


Intercept II Evades and counters an enemy’s regular attack (3 times) / Increases Aggression towards Eugen
◆ Consumes 50% of Eugen’s super gauge.

Cooldown: 7 Turns. Duration: 3 Turns

Sudden Attack Bestows Exaltation[1] upon a single ally.

Cooldown: 10 Turns. Duration: 5 Turns

Auto Ignition When activated, fills your super gauge to 100% / Cures one negative status effect
◆ During the effect period, your super gauge will be filled to 100% when you end your turn.

Cooldown: 12 Turns. Duration: 2 Turns

[1] Exaltation raises the super gauge of the character with it by a fixed amount each turn.

Super Attack

Die Jagen Kanone
The Hunting Cannon?
Earth Damage (Extra Large) / Raises Eugen’s attack.

Support Abilities

Tunguska Butterfly If Eugen becomes targeted by an enemy attack, Chain Burst damage is increased (Stacks).
Headshot Very rarely raises the damage of an attack by an extra large amount.

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