New Character: SSR Aoidos

These posts are arriving late due to my being in Japan when this was properly announced, but here we go now!

Aoidos (CV: Taniyama Kishou)
Aoidos (CV: Taniyama Kishou)

Rarity: SSR
Race: Human
Element: Fire
Type: Special

Aoidos is a solo singer who has memory-loss, and is unable to remember anything from over a year ago. He was coincidentally spotted by someone in the entertainment industry, and began to develop his musical talents. Word of his unique performances quickly spread, and he now has concerts all over the place.

In terms of his music, Aoidos gets a strong feeling that there is something missing. He thinks that the unusual instrument (guitar) he has carried since before losing his memory isn’t suited towards solo performances; that it is lacking something (bass and drums). He believes this could be a clue to his missing past.


Judgment Night Raises Aoidos’ Tension.

Cooldown: 8 Turns (7 Turns @ Lv 55). Duration: 3 Turns

This ability bestows a buff called Tension. There are 4 levels to Tension, and the higher the level, the more your attack increases.

Abilities that raise Tension will bestow a status from Level 1 to 4 based on determined probabilities. Furthermore, using other Tension-granting abilities when you have a Tension buff already will serve to increase the Level by 1.

When Tension is first bestowed, it can be from Level 1 to 4. If you get Level 1 to 3, then it can be further increased. If you manage to hit 4 right away, then consider yourself lucky! If you get 1 or 2, then you should aim to stack some more on. If you manage to get up to Level 4, the amount of damage you do will be increased considerably.

Testing by players has revealed the following information:

Level Attack Increase
1 +5%
2 +25%
3 +50%
4 +100%
Bloody Garden Raises Aoidos’ Multi-Attack Chance / Raises Aggression towards Aoidos.

Cooldown: 11 Turns (10 Turns @ Lv 75). Duration: 6 Turns

This ability gives Aoidos guaranteed Double Attack and a very high chance of Triple Attack for 6 turns. As a trade-off, enemy Aggression towards Aoidos is increased.

By combining this with Tension, you can pull off quite some damage. But because Aoidos will be targeted more, you will definitely be needing some support for him.

※ If Aoidos is inflicted with Double Attack Chance Down or the Field Effect Stalemate is in effect, then Aoidos will not be able to Double Attack as easily.

Legendary Warriors Raises the Tension of all allies.

Cooldown: 5 Turns. Duration: 1 Turns

This ability bestows all your allies with Tension. This can be combined with “Judgment Night” to raise Aoidos’ Tension even more, so it is perhaps less of a support ability and more of a self-buff.

However, if you manage to get everyone to Level 4, you’re up for some fun.

Super Attack

Heavens On Fire Fire Damage (Extra Large) / Raises Aoidos’ Tension.

By using his Super Attack, Aoidos can raise his Tension even more. He’s designed to show his true potential when you let him go on a rampage (i.e. use his Super Attack a lot) by himself.

Support Abilities

Killing Wind Rarely evades and counters an enemy’s regular attack.

Aoidos’ support ability allows him to potentially counter an enemy attack. You’d be really lucky if it activates when you have “Bloody Garden” active!


By the way, the Event Summon that you can obtain from the current “Dancing and Singing Five Flowers” event comes with the ability to raise the Tension of all allies. It can be quite effective if you Cross-Summon it during a Multi-Battle!

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  1. Hello, thanks for all the updates, they are very nice!

    I have question regarding the tension buff: you say that using other abilities while the buff is up will raise tension level, but was unable to do that. I have tested this both on the challenge quest in current event where you can use aoidos, and from the buff granted by the ssr summon.

    Can you explain how that’s supposed to work or is that a mistake?

    1. Sorry, that statement was a bit ambiguous because the original post was also a bit ambiguous. The answer to the question is that using buffs that give Tension will simply raise your Tension level by 1 if you already have a Tension level 3 or below.

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