New Character: SSR Zalhamerina

How am I meant to romanise ザルハメリナ, really? Zalhamerina? Or Zarhamerina? Or maybe even Zarhamelina? Hopefully we’ll have an answer when the English version is released. But in the meantime, have some information.

(CV: Hara Yumi)
Zalhamerina (CV: Hara Yumi)

Rarity: SSR
Race: Harvin
Element: Fire
Type: Special

A graceful female who proclaims herself to be a Sun Priestess who distributes the energy of the sun. Exceedingly intellectual and rational. She is noble and sincere, having gaven herself the duty of protecting people from the threat of Primals.

Zalhamerina’s hometown suffered great damage at the hands of Primals, so she has come to be extremely wary of Primals. Because of that, she deems Lyria’s ability to summon Primals at will could be disastrous if misused, and decides to observe the Protagonist’s movements.


Sunlight Residuum Bestows Regeneration and Barrier to all allies.

Cooldown: 15 Turns. Duration: 10 Turns

Bestows the ability to automatically recover HP every turn and a barrier that can absorb a fixed amount of damage to all allies. It’s unique for its long duration. Because of that, it’s an ability you can use right at the start without needing to worry about saving the ability for a later time.

Flare Activates the Field Effect Flare.
At Lv 75, also raises the Defence of all allies.

Cooldown: 16 Turns (? Turns @ Lv 75). Duration: 180 sec

Activates a new Field Effect called Flare.

The Flare effect raises the Attack of both allies and enemies as its duration timer passes. However, because the amount it raises constantly changes, it’s difficult to aim for the maximum blessing. And while you may be able to deal large amounts of damage to your enemies, there is also the danger of your enemies dealing large amounts of damage to you. So to avoid it becoming a headless chicken race, you should consider the enemy you’re fighting before using it.

But against enemies you know you can easily beat, it should prove to be a strong tailwind for you.

New Religion Raises the Fire Attack and Wind Resistance of all allies.

Cooldown: 6 Turns. Duration: 5 Turns

A priceless ability for battles against Wind element enemies. This ability also has quite a long duration (5 turns) and a cooldown of only 6 turns, meaning you can use it again almost right away. Like “Sunlight Residuum”, it’s an ability you can use right at the start of a battle without having to worry much about needing it later.

Super Attack

Aleksandar Plasma Fire Damage (Extra Large) / Raises the Critical Chance of all allies.

Raises the Critical Chance of all allies, increasing their offensive capability from the next turn. even more so if Flare is active!

Support Abilities

Sun Worship Bestows Potential on all allies.
◆ Attack increases indirectly proportional to current HP

This enhances the effect of Flare. As the battle progresses, things get more and more severe…

Sunlight Avoidance Less likely to be targeted by enemies.

Zalhamerina comes with very powerful abilities, but she has a bit of a weakness: her Defence is a lot lower compared to other characters. She is actually the first character to be designed this way. But to make up for it, enemy Aggression towards her is lower than usual, meaning she is less likely to be targeted.

That said, she can’t really take that many hits, so depending on your enemy, you might need to protect her a bit.

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