Job and Character Rebalancing

During the 2nd anniversary live stream, a number of jobs and characters were announced to be rebalanced in future. Taking into account feedback from players, the rebalancing has been focussed towards “strengthening”, “making easier to use”, and trying to “improve their worth”.

The update will go live on Mar. 10.

Job Ability Rebalancing


The effect of Resonance Surge is being changed as follows:
Elemental Damage / Raises your Ability Damage (Stacks).
Cooldown: 5 Turns. Duration: 6 Turns.

Conceptually, it’s quite similar to Kill Streak, but it’s comparatively much harder to pull off effectively, so the effect is being changed outright. While the effect is not as strong compared to Focus, it doesn’t disappear after using a damage ability, so it could prove to be a very useful ability in long battles if you bring a job with multiple damage abilities.

Sword Master

The Default Kenki Limit is being raised to 15.

This should make it easier to maintain the released form of swords. 15 is now the minimum, with potential for it to be raised in future via Zenith Perks or Job Masterpieces.


The following bullets will have their power increased:

  • Iron Bullet
  • Iron Bullet II
  • Iron Bullet III
  • Iron Bullet IV
  • Light Bullet
  • Light Bullet II
  • Light Bullet III
  • Full Metal Jacket
  • Full Metal Jacket II
  • Full Metal Jacket III
  • Full Metal Jacket IV
  • Exploder
  • Exploder II
  • Exploder III
  • Shell Bullet
  • Shell Bullet II
  • Shell Bullet III
  • Shell Bullet IV
  • Assault Shell
  • Assault Shell II
  • Heat Cylinder
  • Heat Cylinder II
  • Gold Cylinder
  • Gold Cylinder II
  • Earth Cylinder
  • Earth Cylinder II
  • Gale Cylinder
  • Gale Cylinder II
  • Thunder Cylinder
  • Thunder Cylinder II
  • Dark Cylinder
  • Dark Cylinder II
  • Armour Breaker
  • Armour Breaker II
  • Slug Shot
  • Slug Shot II
  • Ifrit Point II
  • Cocytus Point II
  • Vohu Manah Point II
  • Sagittarius Point II
  • Colow Point II
  • Diabolos Point II
  • Agnis Point II
  • Neptune Point II
  • Titan Point II
  • Zephyros Point II

The effect of Trine is also being adjusted to change the effect values and raise the upper limit. The duration is also being raised to 6 Turns.

Increasing the duration makes it easier to extend the effect, and each use now raises your attack by more. Not to mention the cap is also going up. If you only consider the power of bullets, it may not seem likely there are any dramatic changes, but if you factor in Trine, then you might be able to see Gunslinger’s true power.

Character Ability Rebalancing


The accuracy of Fracture‘s enemy attack down effect is being raised.

The damage calculation condition for Rebellion is being changed from “Gawain’s Remaining HP” to “The Remaining HP of All Battle Members”. The damage multiplier will also be revised to reflect this.

Fracture‘s attack down effect is very important for wind, so the low accuracy meant it was very unreliable to use. That’s now being changed. Meanwhile, Rebellion had a very limited use case, and the return for taking the risk was very small, so its use cases are now being expanded and the damage revised.


The Dark Attack Up effect of Walpurgis is being increased.

Sanction is being adjusted to now deal damage to all enemies based on the number of turns Morax was summoned for when Morax is released.

By raising the Dark Attack Up effect of Warpurgis, it’s hoped that the merit of using Sanction can be more easily seen. Also, a bit of return is now being added to when Morax is released. Not only does it release Morax, it also deals damage to all enemies based on the number of turns you maintained Morax.


War Hoop is receiving an additional effect of “Multi-Attack Chance Down (Large)” in addition to the current effect of “Wind Damage to All Enemies / Defense Down”.

Kaleidoscope is being adjusted to improve the accuracy of Gravity, but the duration will be changed to 10 secs.

This was a change made taking into account the high risk of Gravity not hitting and the fact that Gravity continues to hold until an enemy uses its super attack once it hits, without overlapping with Dark Fencer’s unique traits.


The effect of Hatendou is being changed to as follows:
Inflicts Solar Halo on All Enemies / Raises Aggression towards Gandagouza
Cooldown: 7 Turns. Duration: 3 Turns (Aggression) / 20 secs (Solar Halo)

Mumyou Hakuten is receiving an additional effect of “If Gandagouza becomes targeted by an enemy attack, Attack is increased (Stacks).” in addition to the current effect of “Increases Gandagouza’s Super Gauge by 20%”.

The effect of Solar Halo is no different from Blind. But because Gandagouza’s Blind has a short duration despite its high enemy miss rate, it often gets overwritten by Blinds with longer durations. In addition, because Aggression increase towards Gandagouza was a bit low, it was hard to take full advantage of Inkaken. With this adjustment, as long as Solar Halo lands, Aggression towards Gandagouza will be increased. Mumyou Hakuten will also be able to take advantage of this increased Aggression


Beatrix’s support ability, Contractor of Embrask, is being adjusted to only extend the buff effects (excluding Aggression) of Clock O’ Delta by 2 turns upon Triple Attacking.

Clock O’ Delta is being adjusted such that if Quatre’s Avirati ability is used, only the buff effects (excluding Aggression) may be extended.

Beatrix was designed as a character with lots of choice. You could combine
the attack effects of Nüüd Null and Nüüd Seitse and go all out attack, or you could throw Nüüd Neli into the mix to give yourself room to breathe. But the complexity of the system and the extended debuff duration made Beatrix seem very unstable to use, hence this adjustment.

If you trigger a Triple Attack, only the buffs get extended, so while Beatrix is a slow starter, in long battles, she can prove to be a strong attacker.


Kimon Shura‘s effect is being changed to raise Six’s attack every turn. If he takes any damage, then the effect is lost.

Six’s Super Attack Tenchi Kokuu Yasha Senjin is being adjusted to have the effect of “Bestows Illusion (2 hits) on Six” in addition to it’s regular effects.

Kimon Shura‘s hidden abilities of “Increases Triple Attack Chance indirectly proportional to current HP” and “Bestows Life Leech when on low HP” remain.

While there are a few that compare, when your enemy status or such, you can go on an all-out attack. As long as Six doesn’t get hit, it’s almost like you’re unleashing the wrath of the Wolf God on your enemies.

Multi-Battle Related Rebalancing

There are currently some Multi-Battles that are unlocked once you limit break certain summon stones 3 times. Some of these battles are now being made available to everyone, including those who don’t have the summons.

They are:

  • Flame=Glass
  • Makyura Marius
  • Medusa
  • Nataku
  • Apollon
  • Dark Angel Olivia

The current cost for starting the quest is 50 Genes of the corresponding element, but a second different option will be added. Furthermore, the difficulty and drop items of each battle will also be adjusted. New treasures and weapons will also be added.

Regarding Conditions for Joining Battles

If you ask for support in a High Level Multi-Battle, players below Rank 101 don’t receive this request. While Rank is not an absolute indicator for power, it has been observed that extremely weak players join the below listed battles, and don’t make any significant contribution. To mitigate this, Rank restrictions are being implemented for Non-HL Multi-Battles as well.

If you are below the stated Rank requirements, these battles will simply not appear in your list.

Rank 30 and above

  • Tiamat Magna
  • Colossus Magna
  • Leviathan Magna
  • Yggdrasil Magna
  • Chevalier Magna
  • Celeste Magna

Rank 40 and above

  • Flame=Glass
  • Makyura Marius
  • Medusa
  • Nataku
  • Apollon
  • Dark Angel Olivia
  • Odin
  • Grani
  • Lich

Rank 50 and above

  • Proto Bahamut

Regarding the Brilliances of Valour and Honour

These are colloquially known as “Silver Points” and “Gold Points” respectively.

To receive any Brilliances in eligible battles, you will now need to have a contribution above a certain amount. This is a new counter-measure to stop people from joining a battle, poking it, and then disappearing. Rarity Bonus will continue to work in the same way, but Rarity Bonus for Brilliance of Honour will cease to exist some time after Mar. 10. The exact date will be announced closer to the time.

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