New Character: SSR Harezena

With today’s gacha update, a new SSR character has been introduced. Her name is Harezena, and is voiced by Sumipe. Communist revolution starting soon!

If you intend to roll for her, you should be aware that she’s only available until Mar. 29 18:59 JST. She may return in future, but nothing has been confirmed yet!

Harezena (CV: Uesaka Sumire)
Harezena (CV: Uesaka Sumire)

Rarity: SSR
Race: Draf
Element: Earth
Type: Attack

A young Draf girl from the slums of the Erste Empire. She’s pretty much always pumped up in a weird way, and has a bad mouth. Her unprecedented behaviour and atrocious “smile” instil fear into all that see her. Her catchphrase is “Crazy to the max!!”, and shouts it when she’s happy, sad, angry, or really hyped up. The chainsaw she carries is home-made, and has the name Kill Death Saw. She loves mechanical things and rigid machinery.

Action Abilities

That won’t hit!! Evades all enemy attacks.
◆ Consumes 30% of Harezena’s super gauge
【Consumption is reduced at Lv 55】

Cooldown: 8 Turns. Duration: 2 Turns

Evades all enemy attacks except those that deal fixed amounts of damage. It consumes Harezena’s super gauge, and has an effect that lasts 2 turns, so it’s quite powerful. Due to the support abilities mentioned later, Harezena can be quite the attacker, and so chances are she’ll build her super gauge quickly. In times like this, you can use this skill to allow her to survive to attack more.

I’ll turn you into mince!! Increases the amount of damage done by Harezena
【Cooldown is reduced at Lv75】

Cooldown: 9 Turns. Duration: 5 Turns

This ability has the same effect as the Limited-series’ SSR Rosetta’s Iron Maiden ability. Compared to Rosetta’s, Harezena’s has a longer effect duration, but it only affects herself. The effect raises the amount of all damage dealt by Harezena by a fixed amount.

※ Damage can be increased by a maximum of +5000, and the amount it increases by is dependent on the HP of the enemy. So against enemies like the Gold Slime which have very low amounts of HP, it’s not very effective.

Finish it!! Raises Harezena’s Critical Chance (Large)

Cooldown: 6 Turns. Duration: 5 Turns

Raises the chance of Critical Attacks occurring. Harezena is a character that fights using normal attacks, so constantly using this ability should serve to raise her potential.

Super Attack

Very Nice This Assembly Earth Damage (Extra Large)

Given how Harezena is a normal-attack based offensive character, it’s no surprise that her super attack has no additional effects.

Support Abilities

Crazy to the max! Raises Harezena’s Attack and Multi-Attack Chance every turn
◆ Effect removed upon taking damage

This passive ability raises Harezena’s attack and multi-hit every turn (up to a limit) as long as she doesn’t get it. In that sense, it’s quite similar to Six’s Kimon Shura ability. If combined with That won’t hit!! and other characters’ abilities, she could fight for a long while without taking damage.

H-Hold on a sec! Upon taking damage, Harezena is greatly weakened for one turn.

Upon taking damage, Harezena’s attack, defence, and multi-attack chance get greatly reduced for the next turn. This makes Harezena a high-risk high-reward character, and it makes protecting her quite important.

2 thoughts to “New Character: SSR Harezena”

  1. a girl who wants you to think she’s PSYCHO ni CRAAAAZY, but is really a crybaby who’s afraid of people.
    cute, but it’s a shame they made her limited for no reason at all. particularly after gimping her two hours after implementation because she obsoleted juutenshu #6. I guess his flavor is another holy thing in need of being protected, like dark fencer’s. (disclaimer: she really was too strong, but they probably overdid on nerfing her. kinda like how they gimped carmelina when they were supposed to be buffing her. idiots.)


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