Grablue Channel #40 News

Episode 40 of the accompanying radio Grablue Channel was just released today. Here’s a quick breakdown of the new information hinted at in the episode.


Month-End Story Event

While no details for the actual event have been revealed yet, the radio personalities have told us that the Trust character for this event will be SR Lowain. His element will be Water.

They’ve described the art they have in front of them as Lowain and his gang sitting and eating parfaits, but as usual, no actual art.

Battle of the Vermilion South ~Descent of the Four Symbols~

The event Battle of the Vermilion South ~Descent of the Four Symbols~ will return on Apr. 8, and you will once again be able to fight Suzaku.

A reminder from two radio episodes ago, if you collect the seals of all Four of the Symbols, ~something good may happen~.

April Final Limit Breaks

It’s been revealed that a Dark SR and SSR will receive Final Limit Breaks. Of course, no actual details have been revealed, but Naobou predicts it will be SSR Vira and SR Tanya, whereas Emirin would like SSR Vampi or SSR Vaseraga.

It’s worth noting that they actually didn’t say SR/SSR character in the announcement, just a Dark SR and a Dark SSR, so it could well be a Primal too.

These will be implemented on Apr. 11.

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  1. funny that one of them say in the prediction SR Tanya for 5*, when she only have the summer limited one as SR version, they have to release a normal SR first for that (lol)

    1. I think Naobou forgot that Tanya is an R, since she did actually say her basis was that Tanya was popular enough to receive a swimsuit version w

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