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This entry will be a bit unrelated to the usual posts but there is a lot of confusion going on about this and it seems that a lot of false information are being spread.

The context first: SMBC (Mitsui Sumitomo Bank) is doing a new campaign in their VISA credit card program and this time they decided to do a collaboration with Granblue Fantasy. The credit card is based on a revolving credit system, you can find more information about this but it should be noted that credit cards in Japan usually come with a revolving credit contract and are therefore very common. [Link to the Campaign Page]

Furthermore, this is not the first time SMBC is working together with Mobage and their games to offer a special credit card ; other media franchises also had their own unique VISA credit cards: THE [email protected], Tales Of Xillia, Nanoha, etc… Granblue is no exception and just like other cases they are offering in-game perks for the people who apply and get approved for the credit card.

The biggest perk here is arguably the SSR offered: Zoe (voiced by Koshimizu Ami), also known as Grande but no more information is available. She will be distributed via a serial code to be shipped with all the approved credit cards.


One important point to highlight is whether she would be exclusive to that offer or not. It can be naturally assumed that she will only be obtainable via this means but it should also be noted that she has not been promoted as exclusive and no mention has been made whether she would become obtainable via other means at a later date.

By proceeding with caution, it can be assumed that she will remain exclusive to the credit card holders for a while but the possibility that she might be integrated in the gacha pool at later date, most likely as a Limited character, still exists. Alternatively, a different SSR version could also be introduced in the game as well.

In the light of the two most recent characters: Harezena and Jeanne (Dark),  it can be assumed that a lot of the future characters will be getting the Limited treatment but it should be stressed again that both are stated to be re-introduced in the gacha pool again in the future.

No hints have been given about when those Limited characters would be available again (Jeanne is still in the gacha pool at the time this article is written) but by observing the history of the gacha contents, it can be expected that they won’t be back before a couple months at least, in order to give the people who got them a temporary sense of exclusivity. For reminder: Anila made her comeback after about 6 months (May 29th ~ May 31st Legend Festa). In that regards, it wouldn’t be surprising if Zoe is introduced in the gacha pool later this year, in Autumn or even after.

While it is still too early to state that she will be made available at a later date, it is equally premature to declare her status as exclusive to this campaign. In order to prevent spreading rumours that might prove to be wrong in the future, and therefore misdirect other players, it should be important to keep it to factual statements only and put everything else under an explicit speculative label.

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  1. Yes, how dare they have an opinion on how Cygames manage their company and offers, they should go live in Japan and learn how to get robbed of their income.

  2. Yes, how dare we have an opinion on how Cygames runs their company and offers.

    We should all go to Japan and get robbed.

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