Grablue Channel #41 News

Episode 41 of the accompanying radio Grablue Channel was just released today. Here’s a quick breakdown of the new information hinted at in the episode.


Four Symbols’ Seals

As previously mentioned, by collecting all the seals something special will happen. It’s now been revealed in-game that from the next-round onwards, you will be able to challenge a special Multi-Battle. The personalities revealed today that there are actually two bosses you can fight: Ouryuu (応竜) and Black Kirin (黒麒麟). It’s unclear at the moment if you can challenge both using one set of seals, or if you will need to collect more seals. It’s also unknown of seals are consumables.

These two are actually part of a collective known as the Four Benevolent Animals, so we might see Houou (鳳凰) and Reiki (霊亀) in future as well.

April Final Limit Breaks

These are due to be implemented tomorrow, but the personalities have confirmed that they will be SSR Vira and SR Danua.


They’ve also revealed that Athena will be receiving a Final Limit Break closer to the end of April.

Street Fighter V Collaboration Event: Granblue Fighter V

A new Street Fighter collaboration event will be starting on Apr. 15th. Rashid and Karin will become available as event characters, and Necalli and F.A.N.G will be appearing as enemies.

Ultra Granblue Fighter will also be returning, and you will be able to obtain Ryu and Chun-Li (if you haven’t already), and fight Sagat and Vega again.

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