New Character: SSR Jeanne d’Arc (Dark)

We’re quite late with this post. You can blame inconvenient timing and real life priorities for that.

Just like Harezena, this new version of Jeanne will be limited and only available until Apr. 14 18:59 JST. Her unlock weapon (Despair) is confirmed to return in future.

Jeanne d'Arc (CV: Han Megumi)
Jeanne d’Arc (CV: Han Megumi)

Rarity: SSR
Race: Human
Element: Dark
Type: Attack

A hero from the War against the Astrals founded the city of Orléans in anticipation of the return of the Astrals. Knowing exactly how dangerous the Astrals are, the people or Orléans trained hard on a daily basis. Jeanne was one such person, with a serious personality and an strong passion for training, and was acknowledged with leadership of a guild at age 19.

One day, she received a revelation telling her to “save the world” from a great dragon, and feeling the same presence as this dragon from Vee, she began to travel with the protagonist. Later, she received another such revelation telling her to save a village. However, as a result of a battle of attrition against the lords that opposed the village, a mountain of corpses formed.

Torn between regret over this and her sense of duty, Jeanne’s heart began to become twisted. Although her desire to “save the world” did not change, she began to believe that it could be achieved by eliminating the girl who possessed a peculiar power, Lyria…

Action Abilities

Anti-Reversal Reduces the Defence of an enemy. / Inflicts Impure status on Jeanne.
[Gets upgraded at Lv 55]
Cooldown: 5 Turns. Duration: 180 Seconds / 3 Turns.

Just like her Light counterpart’s Reversal ability, this inflicts a Defence debuff on an enemy.
It gets strengthened at Lv 55, but every time the ability is used, the Impure status is inflicted upon Jeanne. Impure causes Jeanne to lose HP and Super Gauge charge every turn, and lasts for 3 turns.

Incited Changes Jeanne’s status for a 6 turn duration.
[Gets upgraded at Lv 75]
Cooldown: 11 Turns. Duration: 6 Turns.

This ability changes Jeanne’s Attack, Defence, and Multi-Attack Chance every turn. It’s not random, but fixed values per turn. As a general overview, the turn you use it, Jeanne’s Defence is greatly increased, so you should time this in accordance to an enemy’s super attack. In the following turns, her Attack and Multi-Attack Chance grow, while Defence falls. See the below table for the exact amounts (courtesy of Great Sundome):

Turn Attack Defence Double Attack Triple Attack
1 +25% +100% +20% +3~5%
2 +50% +50% +50% +25%
3 +100% +0% +100% +50%
4 +100% -10% +100% +50%
5 +100% -20% +100% +50%
6 -50% -50% -100% -100%
Eternal Chaos Gives herself Invulnerable status / Becomes unable to fight (self-death) on the 5th turn.
◆ Effect is cancelled on full HP recovery. / Cannot be used at full HP.
Cooldown: 15 Turns. Duration: 5 Turns.

While the effect is active, Jeanne can’t “die”. If an attack were to “kill” her, she would remain alive at 1 HP. However, if by the 5th turn, you can’t return Jeanne to full HP, she becomes unable to fight (“dies”). In order to bring her back, you would need to rely on another party member. For example, although their elements are different, Sophia can bring her back.

※ An exception to this effect is enemy special attacks that give you a timer. Eternal Chaos can’t protect against this.

Super Attack

Reverse Shift Dark Damage (Extra Large). / Raises the Dark Attack of all allies. / Raises the Light resistance of Jeanne.

In addition to the damage, the effect should be a welcome thing for a Dark Party. It’s also a very strong Super Attack in that it has two additional effects, which is quite unusual.

Support Abilities

Dark La Pucelle Attack increases indirectly proportional to current HP

A fitting ability if you take advantage of Eternal Chaos to bring your HP down to 1 HP.

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