April Final Limit Break: SSR Vira, SR Danua

As previously announced, SSR Vira and SR Danua received their Final Limit Breaks today. Here’s a quick breakdown of their upgrades.


SSR Vira


Vira is one of the more popular dark characters with a balanced ability set. First, let’s take a look at her current ability set.

Action Abilities

Layer Rise II Reduces the Attack and Defence of an enemy. / Raises Vira’s Attack and Defence.
[Gets upgraded at Lv 55]
Cooldown: 7 Turns. Duration: 180 Seconds / 3 Turns.
Evening Existence Shields all allies against debuff effects (once). / Vira’s next attack is guaranteed to be a Triple Attack.
[Cooldown reduced at Lv 75]
Cooldown: 9 Turns. Duration: 1 Turn.
Affection Oath Inflicts Dark and Light damage on an enemy. / Recovers Vira’s HP.
Cooldown: 9 Turns.

Super Attack

Dominate Nail Dark Damage (Extra Large).

Support Ability

Onee-sama Onee-sama Onee-sama If Katalina is in your party, then Vira’s ability cooldowns are reduced by 1 turn and her attack is raised.

Now let’s see how she gets upgraded.

Once you final limit break (5*) her, she receives a boost to her Super Attack damage multiplier.

At Lv 90, she receives a 4th ability, called Chevalier Merge.

Chevalier Merge Vira gains Light element.
◆ Consumes 100% of Vira’s super gauge.
Cooldown: 13 Turns. Duration: 10 Turns.

And at the same time, receives the Support Ability, Swords of Light.

Swords of Light During Chevalier Merge, Vira’s status is raised and she gains Exaltation.

During Chevalier Merge, Vira’s Attack, Defence and Multi-Attack Chance is increased, and she also gains the Exaltation effect which raises her Super Gauge by a fixed amount per turn. On top of all that, her normal attacks also gain additional Light element damage.


Although the specifics of the effects are different, you can think of it as being similar to Amira’s ability.

At Lv 95, Affection Oath gets upgraded to deal more damage and raise the heal cap.

Upon clearing the Fate Episode that appears at Lv 100, Evening Existence+ gets upgraded to increase the duration of her guaranteed Triple Attack from 1 turn to 2 turns.

SR Danua


Danua comes from a line of puppet masters who project their personalities onto their puppets. Hansel has Danua’s brother’s personality, and Gretel has Danua’s personality. In other words, before she lost her voice, she spoke like Gretel did. Her Fate Episode goes more into her past, so definitely check that out!

Anyway, let’s take a look at Danua’s current abilities.

Action Abilities

Scape Goat Reflects a part of the damage taken from enemies (once).
[Gets upgraded at Lv 45]
Cooldown: 6 Turns. Duration: 3 Turns.
Grim Ripper Inflicts Dark damage on an enemy. / Inflicts damage to Danua.
[Gets upgraded at Lv 75]
Cooldown: 6 Turns. Duration: 1 Turn.
Blood Sucker Inflicts Dark damage on an enemy. / Recovers Danua’s HP.
Cooldown: 9 Turns.

Super Attack

Innocent Stab Dark Damage (Large).

Support Ability

Marionette Fear Raises Danua’s Ability Damage.

Now let’s see how she gets upgraded.

Once you final limit break (5*) her, her Super Attack becomes a brand new attack called Gospel Athame. The damage is upgraded and it gains the ability to rarely inflict Sleep status on enemies.

At Lv 80, Grim Ripper+ gets upgraded to deal more damage. It was originally quite a high-damage-dealing ability, but now it deals even more.

Upon clearing the Fate Episode that appears at Lv 90, Scape Goat+ gets upgraded to give Reflect to your entire party, not just Danua herself. However, for other characters, the damage cut amount is not as much as for Danua.

That sums up this update. A reminder that Athena is receiving her final limit break near the end of the month, and that English mode is available to everyone from today!

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