New Character: SSR The Black Knight


Oh yeah there’s a new playable character again. It looks like the Black Knight is joining the Limited Series of characters (SSR story characters) as the last remaining Dark Character. That also means she will be returning every Legend Fes.

The Black Knight (CV: Paku Romi)
The Black Knight (CV: Paku Romi)

Rarity: SSR
Race: Human
Element: Dark
Type: Attack

A strong enemy that appeared before the protagonists of the story since the beginning of Granblue Fantasy. The Black Knight, with her overwhelming presence, was initially hostile, but eventually began to work together with the protagonists.


It seems that once you Limit Break her, her in-game sprite also changes!

Action Abilities

Quad Spell Inflicts Fire, Water, Earth, Wind Damage on an enemy / Inflicts Burn and Slow / Removes 1 Buff from an enemy
[Effect upgraded and Cooldown Reduced at Lv 55]
Cooldown: 8 Turns. Duration: 180 Seconds.

This ability is akin to a combination of the “Fire IV”, “Ice IV”, “Earth Glaive III”, and “Wind IV” abilities that enemies use. It does damage in 4 elements and has 3 additional effects too.

Drain Inflicts Dark Damage on an enemy / Recovers the Black Knight’s HP
[Cooldown Reduced at Lv 75]
Cooldown: 6 Turns.

While it seems plain, the simple damage and recovery will prove to be one of the Black Knight’s main abilities. At Lv 75, the cooldown is reduced so you’ll be able to use it more freely.

Acumen Inflicts Fear upon an enemy.

Cooldown: 7 Turns. Duration: 60 Seconds.

Just like Percival’s ability, when Fear is active, the enemy’s Super Attack charge gauge will stop increasing. Maybe it could prove to be very useful against Chevalier Magna…?

Super Attack

Black Phoenix Blade: Moonlight Dark Damage (Extra Large) / Removes a debuff from the Black Knight

Every time the Black Knight uses her Super Attack, she removes a debuff on herself. It’s modelled on the image of the Black Knight, who refuses to let small setbacks stall her, and continues to progress forward while swinging her sword.

Support Abilities

Sword of Despair The Black Knight’s stats get raised the fewer battle members you have.

When your allies fall in battle, the Black Knight’s stats will progressively get higher.

Black Armour Fire / Water / Earth / Wind Attack buffs also apply to Dark Attack

Excluding Light, all Elemental Attack buffs will increase the Black Knight’s Dark Attack by however amount the buff was worth. That means that even if you chain summon with a Carbuncle of the wrong element, it won’t go to waste! However, there is a cap on how much the Black Knight’s attack can be increased by with this ability.

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