Defend Order Advance Play Niconama News (Updated: May 26)

A Defend Order Advance Play event was held today, and it was streamed online via Niconico Douga here (Nico premium members can time shift it). It consisted of an introduction to Defend Order itself, the actual play, and then a talk / Q&A session with HRT, lasting for about 2 and a half hours in total. Here’s a quick breakdown of what was covered during the nama.


Defend Order

First up, a quick look at Defend Order.


It was previously unclear what kind of game mode Defend Order would be, but HRT revealed today that it is essentially a Town/Island Area Defence game. Each DO game has a maximum of 50,000 participants. You choose your party when you first join, and you can’t change it later. Your status (turn count, current HP, buffs, etc.) will carry across all battles. You can do non-DO battles while a DO is in progress, but that won’t change your DO battle status. There will be DO-exclusive items that you can craft and use. There will also be a ranking reward.


Each instance of Defend Order is limited to an island, and you will need to enter the game mode from the Town screen (click the Town arrow on your main page). The DO battles appear to be based on a global timer, and there will be an indicator above the island if there is one ongoing or scheduled to happen.


You start at one area of the island, and as you defeat the Area Keepers, other areas (it could be one or more) open and you can progress.


The ultimate goal is to defeat the Area Boss at the final area. Aside from the bosses, there are also support squads in each area. These take multiple battles to kill, and killing them before the Area Keeper appears will weaken it, so it will be important to coordinate via the in-game chat (there will be a DO exclusive chat channel for all 50,000 people).


Once these support squads have been defeated, they can and will return in the next wave.

As a note, DO battles do not cost any AP or BP, so do not give much Rank Points / EXP points or drops. Instead, when the DO is over, there is a Deal that everyone gets to participate in. You also receive medals for your contributions, which can be exchanged for rewards.


The rewards will depend on your Defender Rank (a new rank system), with higher DR players having better options. They are considering weapons that provide DO-exclusive effects to make it easier for lower rank players to contribute.

Talk / Q&A Session

When will Defend Order be implemented?

In 2 to 3 weeks. At the moment, there is only one island (Port Breeze), but they would like to have maybe 3 islands.

There are now over 100 characters, and they all have different reasons for travelling with you. Is there any plan to resolve them?

They are planning to add Epilogue Fate Episodes for characters after their Final Limit Break.

There are times where my Multi-Battle list is full of HL battles when I don’t want to do HL. Have you considered separating HL battles into their own tab?

They have thought about this, and will consider it. HRT mentioned that some kind of filter / subscription idea is under consideration, especially for Event Multi-Battles. This is because the next Four Symbols event will have all four elements returning at the same time, as well as the Black Kirin and Ouryuu, so some players might want to filter out elements they don’t want to do. They have also received lots of requests to repeat old scenario events, and are considering a filter for repeating scenario event multi-battles.

Will you consider increasing the number of qualifying guilds for Guild War?

They’re probably going to increase the number of qualify guilds soon. They’re also considering adding a “stamp card” system. If you fail to reach the required rank during the preliminaries, you receive a stamp, and once you reach a certain number of stamps, you get a free pass to the main battles in the next Guild war.

They are also going to add Hihirokane to the Valour Badge exchange. The current planned amount is 900 badges.

What is the drop rate for for Hihirokane (Gold Bars) in Hell/Maniac battles?

The drop rate for Maniac is about the same rate as getting a Gold Angel. This is a reference to the packaging for the Chocoball snack in Japan.

Apparently, the rate of Gold Angels is about 1 in 1000 (0.1%).

What happened to the Grancypher that was made for Tokyo Game Show?

They still have it stored somewhere to the north. They are thinking about how they can use it in future.

Is there any plan to add a Training Mode (like fighting games) where you can test Super Attacks and Summons as much as you want?

They’ve received a lot of requests for something like this, especially for like testing new characters, so they plan to implement it. Hopefully by September or earlier.

Are there any plans to implement quests for specific materials / items?

While they have considered this, if they implement it, people will feel like they have to do it every day, and they want to avoid this. Instead, they are considering adding more exchanges in the Shop like how you can exchange Flawless Prisms for Rainbow Prisms (and vice versa), but for other weapons.

Are there any plans to increase the number of methods for obtaining Job Distinctions (Job Emblems)?

They want to limit the number of methods for obtaining them, but they might consider reducing the number required. Same for Silver Centrums (Silver Sky Orbs).

If these reductions/rebalancing are to happen, they would happen at the same time as major content updates (e.g. Defend Order update, 3rd Anniversary, etc.). On that topic, there will be a character rebalancing in June.

June Character Rebalancing

  • Christmas Clarisse — Adjust Decay to make it easier to use
  • Vane (SR) — Reduce the cooldown for Vane’s Arm Gain/Arm Destruction skill
  • Zeta — Make her Break Assassin stronger (possibly others)
  • Melleau — Make her easier to use and remove the demerits for using her
  • Claudia (SR) — Re-consider her abilities
  • Rackam (Limited)
  • Harezena
  • Korwa — Make her easier to use. Possibly changing or reworking her Super Attack turn extension.

When will Juliet become playable?

They intend to write a continuation story for her and then release her along with a scenario event.

What happened to the Sky Journey and Arcana summon stuff from TGS last year?

That hasn’t been forgotten. Apparently it’s something HRT and FKHR have been talking about a lot recently. It’s going to be a progressive thing and HRT wants it to be implemented before the anime airs (whenever that is).

Class IV jobs got added recently, but they aren’t very easy to obtain. Will there be any easier to obtain jobs being added any time soon (e.g. only uisng Job Points)?

There aren’t any plans for any JP-only jobs. The next Class IV jobs will be added in June, with the rest hopefully within the year. After that, they’re thinking of adding a few EXTRA jobs. As for using up extra JP, they are thinking of adding Job Skins which you can purchase with JP.

Are there plans to add new content for players below rank 100?

The current focus is on adding HL content, but they are also considering content for lower rank players. They are considering things like the quiz from the Barowa event that aren’t affected by your battle strength.

Will Sturm and Drang become playable?

As long as HRT lives, no. They might be playable as a guest, but definitely not added to Legend Gacha. As the main scenario for Granblue Fantasy develops, new characters will be appearing and your relation with past event characters may also change. These characters could become playable.

Job Masterpieces recently got an upgrade update. Will they eventually receive further upgrades to allow them to unlock a character like the Guild War weapons?

HRT wants to limit the unlockable characters to the Guild War weapons. However, Job Masterpieces will likely be connected to Class V and VI jobs. They’re also considering further upgrades with Bahamut weapons, like combining the weapon with the Proto Bahamut summon to further strengthen it or something.

Does Essel’s support ability work if she is in your Sub Party?

It does.

The Guild War characters (also known as the Eternals) were actually designed to be used together in the same party, so some of them have abilities that activate in the Sub Party, and some have hidden abilities too.

A lot of characters show off their armpits and backs (e.g. Elluns) and such. Are there plans to cater to other fetishes like butts?

“It’s good to have a lot of fetishes” —HRT.

Are there any plans to do more real life events aside from the Orchestral concerts?

HRT was originally involved with stage plays, so he has a lot of experience with costumes and such. As seen at TGS last year, there were people cosplaying Elluns, and at Character1 this year there were more character cosplayers (including HRT himself). They might consider doing stage plays, or story telling shows with the cast (think Lyria Note style), or even drama CDs.

When will the Journey Drops shop be implemented?

HRT summoned FKHR to answer this. The planner for the feature has been mostly focussing on the Sakura Wars collaboration event recently. The Drops shop was also supposed include a system where you could activate personal buffs (like the guild buffs), but it turned out to be more load on their servers than expected. The staff involved wanted FKHR to say “within the year”, but FKHR said they might start implementing the item and treasure exchange part of the shop by next month (no guarantees).

Will the Granblue Concert exclusive characters be made available through any other means?

There are no plans for that, but they are considering additional performances. They will sell an orchestra CD maybe a year or so from now, and will consider making the characters available with that.

Can you make the White Rabbit easier to obtain?

They’ll consider it. It was originally made possible to get light genes from the gold chest to prevent people from retreating from the quest early and gaming the AP refund for uncleared quests.

Will limited characters ever be made available via Surprise Tickets in future like the Summer characters last year?

The limited characters (Summer, Christmas, Halloween, Limited series) will not be made available via surprise tickets, but they are considering making recently introduced characters available. HRT also wants to make the non-character weapons available again, but there’s no ETA on that.

The surprise ticket periods are actually decided ahead of time by HRT, and the summer character period ended up overlapping slightly with the surprise ticket period.

May. 26 22:55 JST Update: Added additional Defend Order details thanks to /u/CureChihaysaur on Reddit.

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