New Character: SSR Ayer

How many people actually still find these posts useful now that English mode is released?

Ayer (CV: Ono Kensho)

Rarity: SSR
Race: Human
Element: Earth
Type: Special

In an underground arena of a certain city, this boy boasts a streak of victories. Born to a warm family but tired of a lukewarm life, the boy entered the underground arena. He earned his daily expenses through prize fights, and was satisfied at being able to beat up the trash of the city.

Cool and collected despite his age, but surprisingly brave. However, he is very cynical and is hostile towards everyone. Only towards very few people, such as his partner and older brother-figure Bowman (CV: Hosoya Yoshimasa), does he show a face fitting of his age.

Their relationship is very casual, but his running away from home and his outlaw values came from Bowman, so he is also Ayer’s target of admiration.

Action Abilities

Guilty Break Increases Ayer’s attack indirectly proportional to current HP
◆ Consumes 25% of Ayer’s maximum HP
[Effect upgraded at Lv 55]
Cooldown: 0 Turns. Duration: 8 Turns.

This ability reduces Ayer’s HP, but raises his attack according to his current HP. You can keep using the ability as long as Ayer has HP, but because the duration is long, you will need to decide whether you want to reach maximum strength right away and take advantage of Jolt Counter and Ayer’s support ability, or raise it steadily in steps for a more drawn out fight.

Jolt Counter Forego attacking to Counter (2 times)
◆ Super Gauge doesn’t increase any more. Consumes 10% of Super Gauge / Ends upon reuse or Super Gauge reaching 0.
[Effect upgraded at Lv 75]
Cooldown: 7 Turns.

Ayer doesn’t attack, but can counter twice per turn. If he is repeatedly targeted by enemies, then he can deal out a lot of damage. However, his Super Gauge will not charge from dealing or taking damage (gauge-increasing abilities also won’t affect it). His Super Gauge will decrease each turn until it reaches 0 or the ability is used again.

Regarding the cooldown, once the ability has been activated, it can’t be deactivated until the next turn. After it has been deactivated, it can’t be used for another 7 turns.

As a note, counter abilities usually have a message to the tune of “Evades and counters an enemy’s regular attack”, but due to the character limit, Jolt Counter‘s message is different. As such, the activation condition is no different from regular counter abilities. Descriptions have been getting long recently, so it might be time to start abbreviating terms, like DA for Double Attack and CT for Charge Turns.

Provoke Come at me… You can’t beat me!

Cooldown: 6 Turns. Duration: 2 Turns.

A straight-forward ability that greatly raises Enemy Aggression towards Ayer. This ability is critical to drawing out the full potential of Jolt Counter.

Also, the description text is a quote, so perhaps there’s another effect…?

Super Attack

Deadly Sin Earth Damage (Extra Large) / Bestows additional Earth Damage effect

After activation, Ayer gains the Additional Earth Damage effect for 5 turns. If you opt to not use Jolt Counter, this is a good way to raise Ayer’s offensive capabilities.

Support Abilities

Blood Strife Raises Ayer’s Double Attack Rate indirectly proportional to current HP / Raises Damage Cap

The lower Ayer’s HP is, the higher his Double Attack Rate and Damage Cap is. After using Guilty Break to reduce his HP and increase his attack, you have the choice of either using Jolt Counter to repeatedly counter, or activate his Super Ability to take advantage of his Double Attack Rate and the Additional Damage effect.

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  1. I’m a new player so for me i find these posts super useful!

    He kinda seems hard to use. Either have him as a counter bot or have him low to dish out damage.

    New question here. Counter only counter enemy regular attacks,right? For example if an enemy uses an ougi that hits all will counter proc?

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