Grablue Channel #44 News

Episode #44 of Grablue Channel went up today. Here’s a summary of the news revealed.

By the way there is a lot of Naobou speaking English since they talk about the language switch option, and it’s very cute so if that’s your thing, do give it a listen yourself.


New Scenario Event

A scenario event, Repaint the Memory, is due to begin on May 31. It will feature male-female twins as a single playable SR character, and they will be Water element. Their art apparently features them in pyjama-like clothes. The brother is voiced by Morinaga Rika and the sister is voiced by Tadokoro Azusa.

June Final Limit Break

June’s Final Limit Breaks have been announced as SR Gainu (Earth character) and SSR Garuda (Wind summon).

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