Granblue Fantasy From Here Onwards — May 2016 Edition

The producer of the game, Haruta, today announced some details regarding the future of Granblue Fantasy, including recently announced details and changes that would be made to some game mechanics. Here’s a translation of the details.


Game Rebalancing

As announced during the Defend Order stream, the game will be receiving a major rebalancing to coincide with the Defend Order update. The rebalancing is not limited to the previously mentioned characters; some other game content will be rebalanced too.

Details of the update will be announced tomorrow by Fukuhara. The update itself is scheduled for Jun. 2.

Commencement of Defend Order

After taking into consideration opinions from the recent Defend Order Advance Play, there are a number of changes being made to the DO system.

First of all, upon victory, there is a deal for all participants. The reward will be given not only to the player who rolls the highest number, but also to the player who rolled the lowest number, as well as players who roll certain special numbers like 11111 (known as Kiriban in Japanese).

Next, due to concerns of screen overcrowding by stamps or chat messages during battle, the ability to turn them ON/OFF during battle is being added.

Finally, a new battle has been added to the mode, and the mode is on track to become playable on Jun. 9.

New Play Method

Up to now, the only ways to play the game have been via a smartphone browser, the iOS/Android apps, or the Chrome App. As of today, the PC browser version is being made available. The function is still under active development, but now you should be able to play without having to download and install Chrome.

You can access it here:

Currently, only Chrome and Safari are supported.

Future plans for the PC browser version include shortcuts to each of the game’s functions on the side of the screen and an extra chat display.

Changes to the Surprise!! Special Gacha Set

A Surprise!! Special Gacha Set was just announced for today, but a few things about it are changing.

Up until now, if you buy a Surprise!! Special Gacha Set, the included Special Exchange Ticket could be exchanged for any item (excluding select Summon Stones) in the currently active Legend Gacha campaign.

This is now being changed so that the ticket can be exchanged for any item that staff have preselected. For the most part, the lineup will not differ much; this change is mainly being made so that players will now be able to select items that are not in the present Legend Gacha lineup.

As such, the Special Exchange Ticket that you receive from purchasing the Surprise!! Special Gacha Set from today 19:00 JST onwards can be exchanged for any of the following:

  • Any of the items in the Legend Gacha lineup as of May 29 19:00 JST (excluding select Summon Stones)
  • The unlock weapons for Harezena, Jeanne d’Arc (Dark), Korwa
  • Character-less SSR Weapons that appeared in Legend Gacha from before Mar. 10 2016 such as Durandal and Joyeuse.

Limited Items in Legend Gacha

Since the Mar. 10 update, the unlock weapons for new SSR characters that have been added to Legend Gacha have been designated as Limited. While we explained the idea behind this during the Niconico Chokaigi stage, staff have re-considered its use, and have decided to NOT continue regularly using this mechanic.

As such, the unlock weapons for future characters to be introduced to Legend Gacha will be regular items. However, seasonal characters, Limited series characters and the Twelve Zodiac characters will continue to be Limited.

Characters introduced since the Mar. 10 update, namely Harezena, Jeanne d’Arc (Dark), Korwa, Aliza (SSR) and Ayer will be re-introduced to the regular gacha lineup from mid-July onwards, in the order they were introduced.

3 thoughts to “Granblue Fantasy From Here Onwards — May 2016 Edition”

  1. the whole notion with the Deal system is bad enough for a regular sized raid. having to deal with that for something 50k people involved is… yeah, there’s just no way they’re selling Defend Order with it being rigged up to minimize rewards. the RNG is already a devil in the rest of the game where drops are concerned.

    1. It’s perhaps worth noting that Deal is not the only reward from Defend Order. Deal has always been an extra RNG-based reward on top of existing drops and rewards. The majority of Defend Order’s rewards come from collecting and exchanging medals, and your Defend Rank, which affects what kind of rewards you can exchange for.

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