June Rebalancing Details

The Director of Granblue Fantasy published details regarding the planned June Game Rebalancing today.

Here’s a translation of the details and changes to be made.


Character Abilities


  • Super Attack Damage to be raised
  • Effect of the Support Ability Arvess Pact to be raised

Zeta’s Support Ability was rather unique at the time of her introduction, so her Super Attack damage was set to be a bit lower than other characters. This will be changed.


  • Damage and Damage Cap of Glanzfaust to be raised

The accuracy of this ability and the resultant damage weren’t quite balanced, so it is being changed. This should make it much more satisfying when it does successfully hit.


  • Effect of Wild Flow to be changed
  • Cooldown of Impelliteri to be reduced

Melleau is being adjusted so that her offensive capabilities stand out more when you make full use of her abilities.

Rackam (Limited Ver)

  • Attack Up effect and stack limit of Spitfire to be raised

It was difficult to feel the increased attack from using Spitfire, so the effect and cap are going to be raised.

Vane (Legend Gacha Ver)

  • Cooldown of Arm Gain (Arm Destruction) to be reduced
  • Capabilities of Wall Bash to be revisited

Vane is being changed to make the stackable nature of Arm Gain easier to achieve and improve the defensive capabilities of Wall Bash

Clarisse (Christmas Ver)

  • Cooldown of α Decay to be reduced and capabilities revisited
  • Cooldown of β Decay to be reduced and capabilities revisited

Clarisse was designed to be most effective if multiple people used her in a multi-battle, but she will be rebalanced so that only having one in the battle would make a significant difference.


  • Attack Up effect and stack limit of the Support Ability Downright Crazy! to be raised
  • Capabilities of the Support Ability W-Wait! to be revisited

The effect of W-Wait! caused Hallessena to be very difficult to play, so the effect is going to be revisited.


  • Turn Extension effect of the Super Attack Blanche Fil to be adjusted

The current effect is powerful enough as it is, so the extension limit won’t be changed. Instead, some of the lower limits for when the Ability is activated on lower Fil counts will be raised.


■ The multi-battles unlocked via clearing the Main Quest (such as Tiamat) will have their mode gauges adjusted to current standards.

■ The following multi-battles will have their difficulty reduced:

  • Leviathan Magna HL (Leviathan Magna Impossible)
  • Flame=Glass HL (Twin Elements Impossible)
  • Medusa HL (Medusa Impossible)

■ The amount of Renown Pendants gained from the following multi-battles will be increased:

  • Nataku
  • Flame=Glass (Twin Elements)
  • Macula Marius
  • Medusa
  • Apollon
  • Dark Angel Olivia

■ If the enemy of a multi-battle is defeated within three minutes of your joining it, and you had not reached the minimum required amount of contribution points (honours), you will still receive Pendants (Silver/Gold Points).

■ The rarity (R/SR) bonuses for Prestige Pendants (Gold Points) will be removed. After the Jun. 2 update, you will no longer be able to obtain Prestige Pendants.

■ A new method for obtaining Silver Centrums (Silver Sky Orbs) will be added. It will be possible to exchange 5 Heavenly Horns (The Order Grande Horns) for one Silver Centrum.

■ A number of ability effects will be renewed. Some effects that have been in since the release of the game and recycled a lot will be renewed.

That’s it for the rebalancing details. Fukuhara also mentioned that Defend Order is due to be implemented in about a week’s time.

The Arcana content announced at TGS last year is still under development, but small features will become available from Summer onwards.

One particular feature that they intend to bring out as soon as possible is the ability to set your waifu/husband “favourite” character. The character you set will not only receive an bonus to their Attack and HP, they will also appear on your Job image when you post to Twitter. This is due to be implemented in late July.

Other than that, there are new multi-battles and new items to be added to the Pendant exchange shop. These are due around August.

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