New Character: SSR Nemone


Also reminder the Limited system is gone for regular new characters now!

Nemone (CV: Takagaki Ayahi)
Nemone (CV: Takagaki Ayahi)

Rarity: SSR
Race: Elune
Element: Earth
Type: Attack

A girl living on an island where males are forbidden. She’s the second of three sisters, and Melleau’s elder sister. She has a very calm and kind appearance, but she actually never listens to what other people say. She rarely initiates conversation herself, but when she does, it’s always a one-way conversation.

She likes to say “I know right~♪” a lot, and perhaps it’s because of her tendency to just agree with everything, but chaotic conversations with her always end gently.

While it seems like she’s not actually thinking at all, her mind actually spins at twice the speed of normal people, and her conversations are all minutely calculated. Or so she claims.

Action Abilities

La Niña Inflicts Earth Damage upon an Enemy / The one that raises Aggression (stackable)!
[Effect upgraded at Lv 55]
Cooldown: 5 Turns.

The ability only deals damage to a single target, but it raises Aggression towards Nemone. It has a high damage multiplier, so it can be very powerful if used together with Stand In Line.

Roselle The one that lets me occasionally dodge an enemy attack!
◆ Upon dodge, raises Nemone’s super gauge / reduces Aggression (stackable)
[Effect upgraded and cooldown reduced at Lv 75]
Cooldown: 9 Turns. Duration: 3 Turns.

While the effect is active, Nemone has a chance of evading enemy attacks, including special attacks. Upon successfully evading an attack, Nemone’s Super Attack Gauge is raised by 10, and Aggression towards her gets reduced, which makes it useful for countering the effect of La Niña.

Stand In Line That one where I store up a bunch of power and let it all out in one go!
◆ Use the ability again to activate effect and become able to attack again
Cooldown: 1 Turn.

When you activate this ability, Nemone becomes unable to attack. Then when you use it again, Nemone’s attack gets raised based on the number of turns that she stored up energy for. It’s a bit similar to one of Sen’s abilities, but it differs in that this ability raises Damage Cap as well. If you can hit the Ability or Super Attack damage cap, then you’ll find this to be a very beneficial ability.

Super Attack

Gaia Zimos Earth Damage (Extra Large) / Raises Nemone’s Double Attack Rate

After using the super attack, Nemone’s Double Attack Rate is raised for 3 turns.

Support Abilities

Thank ya! The one that makes my defence really thin but fills up my Super Gauge!

Nemone’s default state has a very low defence, but due to this ability, she gets a bonus to her Super Gauge charge when she takes damage. So you might find that Nemone’s gauge fills up very quickly.

While charging up with Stand In Line, you can choose to either use Roselle to avoid attacks, or just take damage normally. Nemone was designed as a high risk, high reward in this sense.

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