New Character: SR Morphe & Phoebe

This time’s event character is actually pretty complicated so I figured I’d write a little something.

For what it’s worth, it seems the names of the characters derive from Morpheus (god of dreams) and Phobetor (god of nightmares). Almost all of their abilities derive their names from terms in Oneiromancy (dream interpretation), which unfortunately, the official English translation completely erased. And for some reason their Super Attack is Italian?

Morphe & Phoebe (CV: Morinaga Rika & Tadokoro Azusa)
Morphe & Phoebe (CV: Morinaga Rika & Tadokoro Azusa)

Rarity: Water
Race: ???
Element: Water
Type: Special

The first “Pair Character” to be introduced, the two of them can swap in battle. Their abilities also have different effects. This time the event’s enemies are Water, so Earth is strong against them, but because they use Sleep a lot, Morphe & Phoebe can still be useful in battle.

Action Abilities

Morphe: Anxiety Dream
Phoebe: Common Dream
Anxiety Dream: Recovers HP of allies with Sleep / Removes Sleep.
Common Dream: Inflicts Sleep on all allies / Bestows Illusion (2 hits)
[Cooldown reduced at Lv 45]
Cooldown: 6 Turns.

Morphe’s Anxiety Dream recovers the HP of all allies with Sleep status, and removes it.

Phoebe’s Common Dream gives all allies Sleep status and a two-hit Illusion.

As you can see, Morphe wakes them up, and Phoebe puts them to sleep. The basic pattern is to use Phoebe to put allies to sleep and buff them, and then switch to Morphe to wake them up again. However, due to the cooldown time, you may end up stuck with sleeping allies if you use Phoebe’s abilities right away.

Morphe: Lucky Dream
Phoebe: Ambition Dream
Lucky Dream: Bestows Weakness Additional Damage to allies with Sleep / Removes Sleep.
Ambition Dream: Inflicts Sleep on all allies / Bestows Exaltation
[Cooldown reduced at Lv 65]
Cooldown: 6 Turns. Duration: 3 Turns.

Morphe’s Lucky Dream causes all allies with Sleep to deal Additional Damage of the enemy’s weakness element upon regular attacks. This should allow you to make up for the lost firepower if you use Morphe & Phoebe in a non-Water party.

Phoebe’s Ambition Dream puts all allies to sleep, but bestows Exaltation, which causes their Super Attack Gauge to rise.

Both these effects last 3 turns.

Reverse Dream Switch between Morphe and Phoebe
◆ Consumes 20% of the Super Attack Gauge
Cooldown: 2 Turns.

Allows you to switch between using Morphe and Phoebe. You can use it every two turns, but it consumes their Super Attack Gauge.

Morphe: Falling Dream
Phoebe: Warning Dream
Falling Dream: Bestows Falling Dream status upon all allies
Warning Dream: Inflicts Sleep on all allies / Raises Triple Attack Rate
Cooldown: 6 Turns.

Morphe’s Falling Dream causes allies with Sleep to recover HP instead of taking damage when hit. It’s a full damage cut, so it’s very powerful, but it doesn’t work against Slip Damage (Damage Over Time, e.g. Poison) or attacks that deal fixed percentages of damage. Be careful when using this though, as it doesn’t have any effect if they don’t have Sleep!

The increased Triple Attack Rate from Phoebe’s Warning Dream only lasts for one turn, so it is a guaranteed proc. However, you need to make sure you wake up your allies that turn, or it will go to waste, so be careful when using it.

Super Attack

Ninna Nanna Eterno
Eternal Lullaby
Water Damage (Large) / Inflicts Sleep on all enemies and allies / Switch between Morphe and Phoebe

This attack inflicts damage on enemies but also puts everyone, enemies and allies, to sleep. Anyone whose action comes after Morphe & Phoebe will be put to sleep and hence have their action interrupted, so it’s best to set Morphe & Phoebe as the fourth member of your party. Also, when the ability is activated, Morphe and Phoebe will switch.

Support Abilities

Lucid Dream Sleep has no effect on Morphe & Phoebe.

Sleep, whether from an ally or an enemy, has no effect on Morphe & Phoebe. A very useful ability to have when facing enemies that use Sleep a lot.

2 thoughts to “New Character: SR Morphe & Phoebe”

  1. They seem better than your typical event character. Makes me wonder if they weren’t originally planned as an SSR.

  2. i think this is possibly one of strongest event chars they released. 3 turns of weakness element echo ability? That’s very strong even on its own.Would definitely be a candidate for ssr just because of that (and when you consider their other abilities, it’s really an amazing kit overall)

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