June Final Limit Break: SR Gayne

As previously announced in Grablue Channel, June’s final limit break character is SR Gayne (Gainu).

SR Gayne (CV: Nakahara Mai)
SR Gayne (CV: Nakahara Mai)

Originally quite a shy and introverted person, Gayne was blessed with dance talent. During a performance, she becomes a completely different person, wearing a confident smile, twisting her body to enchant the audience. The elegance with which her sword traces the air rivals even that of a master swordsman.

In the past, she travelled with her Elune dance partner Helnar. However, she was unable to tolerate his flirtatious behaviour and dissolved the duo.

Now then, let’s take a look at Gayne’s current abilities.

Action Abilities

Tribal Sword Raises all allies’ Attack (Small)
[Gets upgraded at Lv 45]
Cooldown: 5 Turns. Duration: 3 Turns.
Karsilamas Evade all enemy attacks
[Bestows Double Attack Rate Up from Lv 65]
Cooldown: 5 Turns. Duration: 1 Turn.
Sword Dance Inflicts 4~5x Earth Damage to an enemy

Cooldown: 6 Turns.

Super Attack

Sablyami Step Earth Damage (Large)

Support Ability

Dancer Step Raises Gayne’s Double Attack Rate.

Gayne has a nice set of abilities that allow her to attack, evade, and buff. Thematically, she is based on a dancer, and her name draws from the ballet Gayane (also written Gayne). But despite her solid theme, the game translators mistranslated some of her abilities, which I think is a huge shame, so I want to quickly highlight them.

Gayne’s super attack is translated in-game as Sublime Step which makes little to no sense. サーブリャム sounds nothing like ‘sublime’, and is clearly not an English word. I followed a number of different paths to try and find the original word. From Gayne’s appearance, I researched a number of Arabic dances to no avail. Eventually, I went across to Europe and found the link to her name, which led me to my answer. As I mentioned earlier, Gayne’s name is derived from an Armenian ballet. This ballet is famous for its sabre dance, which is called Танец с саблями (Tanets s sablyami) in Russian. サーブリャム sounds a lot more like ‘саблями‘ than ‘sublime’. Obviously, for those of you that know Russian, this isn’t grammatically correct, but Japanese companies aren’t exactly known for using foreign terms grammatically correctly.

The other mistranslated part is her second ability, which is Khashmal in the English version. This looks like an attempt to create an Arabic sounding word to me, as Googling this word turns up nothing that makes any sense to me, except maybe a misspelling of Kashmal (a berry apparently). However, I believe it to actually be Karşılama (Karsilamas), an Eastern European folk dance, which fits in perfectly with Gayne’s concept.

Anyway, onto her final limit break. Her upgrades are mostly focused on increasing her offensive capability, but by the end, she can also be a strong support unit for buffing your allies.

Once you final limit break (5*) her, her Super Attack changes into a new one, and the damage is boosted. Further more, as an additional effect, the next time you activate Sword Dance, it will activate twice. This is like Lancelot’s final Dual Impulse.

Sword Carousel Earth Damage (Extra Large) / Next Sword Dance activates twice

At Lv 80, Sword Dance gets upgraded, and the cooldown is reduced from 6 turns to 5 turns. This works well with her new Super Attack Sword Carousel to greatly increase Gayne’s offensive capability.

Upon clearing the Fate Episode that appears at Lv 90, Tribal Sword gets upgraded to bestow Double Attack Rate Up to all allies. Imagine Gayne dancing during the battle to encourage her allies. This upgrade turns Gayne into one of the few Earth characters with full-party buffs, which should hopefully make battles easier.

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