New Character: SSR Forte

Forte, I…

Ahem. The latest gacha update has brought us yet another new SSR character that hails from Rage of Bahamut. Let’s take a closer look at her.

Forte (CV: Misawa Sachika)
Forte (CV: Misawa Sachika)

Rarity: SSR
Race: Draph
Element: Dark
Type: Attack

Forte has the strength and skill to single-handedly force dragons into submission, and is the leader of the battle-crazy “Dark Dragoon” guild. She has a belligerent personality and will always challenge other skyfarers and warriors to a duel should she encounter any. She loves fighting more than anything, and will always come flying at any mention of competitions of strength.

She usually doesn’t judge things as good or evil, she will easily lose her manners when encountering evildoers and foul players, and often serves justice herself. As a result of this, she seems to have earned herself a strong reputation for protecting the weak.

She likes people who will play fair in a one-on-one fight, and will laugh in the face of any challengers. Unexpectedly, she likes meddling in other people’s affairs.

Action Abilities

Black Dragon Twin Lash Inflicts 3.5~4.5x Dark Damage upon an enemy
[Effect upgraded and cooldown reduced at Lv 55]
Cooldown: 6 Turns.

A similar ability to Aletheia’s Order and Lancelot’s Blade Impulse. You can use this ability without having to think too much. The additional effect of Forte’s super attack allows this ability to hit twice when used.

Battlecry Raises all allies’ Attack / Reduces all enemies’ Attack
[Cooldown reduced at Lv 75]
Cooldown: 8 Turns. Duration: 5 Turns / 180 Seconds.

This ability raises all your allies’ Attack while reducing your enemies’ Attack. It’s another ability you can just freely use however and whenever.

Guidance of Azure Sky Demon Dragon Raises Forte’s Critical and Double Attack Rates
Cooldown: 7 Turns. Duration: 3 Turns.

This ability raises Forte’s Critical and Double Attack rates. Critical is useless unless your enemy is Light, but Double Attack will be useful regardless. This ability is similar to SSR Aliza’s Flame Wreath ability which also raises Critical Rate, but the rate increase and damage cap increase is not as significant here.

Funny story about this ability name. In English, it is translated as Conqueror Wing, which actually carries over from the English translation of Rage of Bahamut (archive link since the wiki might be going down), which is a perfectly valid thing to do in my opinion. Except they seem to have used the wrong ability name. Now, I haven’t played Rage of Bahamut in English, and it’s already offline so I can’t verify, but looking at the skill description and comparing it to the entry on the Japanese wiki seems to indicate that Conqueror Wing is actually the translation for 天覇空迅斬, not 蒼天魔竜導 (this ability’s name).

Super Attack

Supreme Demon Dragon Spear Dark Damage (Extra Large) / Next Black Dragon Twin Lash activates twice

After activating Forte’s Super Attack, she gets an effect that causes Black Dragon Twin Lash to activate twice when next used. This is akin to Lancelot and Gayne.

Personally, I feel the English translation for this is pretty bad. The Japanese is 天覇魔竜槍, where 魔竜 (maryuu) means Demon Dragon, and 天覇 describes it as being the conqueror of the skies (this is where Conqueror Wing‘s “conqueror” came from by the way). Demon Dragons are actually a commonly recurring theme in Forte’s background, because she’s a Demon Dragon Tamer! Yet somehow, the English translation turns this into Dragoonbrood Demonspear. How and why on earth did they separate Demon and Dragon!? My face doesn’t even exist anymore!

Support Abilities

My Military Rule is Noble and Righteous Raises Forte’s Attack based on the number turns elapsed

The longer a battle stretches, the stronger Forte’s Attack gets. The amount it increases by each turn is quite small, but it gets very powerful at the cap.

Really though, how did the translators turn 我が覇道に一点の曇り無し into “We are Blackwyrm”. Their usage of Blackwyrm here is completely different from before. At least 黒竜 → Blackwyrm kinda made sense even if I didn’t like it.

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