LORD of VERMILION Re:3 Niconama News

You might remember LORD of VERMILION Re:3 (LoV) for having had a collaboration with Granblue Fantasy (GBF) a few months ago. During this collab, a number of GBF characters were added to the character lineup in LoV.


Square Enix actually just had a niconama about LoV just yesterday, and HRT, Touyama Nao (Lyria) and Sasaki Nozomi (Danua) appeared as guests.

Within the nama, there was a little competition between the GBF development team and the Square Enix development team. The result of this showdown would determine how the next collab would go. If the Square Enix team won, LORD of VERMILION Re:3 would make an appearance in Granblue Fantasy somehow. Similarly, if the Granblue Fantasy team won, Granblue Fantasy would appear in LORD of VERMILION Re:3 again.


In the end, the Square Enix team won, meaning that LoV content will be making an appearance in GBF. Exact details on what the collab entails will be announced at a later date. However, HRT said that he is thinking of adding LoV characters’ outfits appear as Job Skins. He also mentioned that characters like Succubus might appear as a summon.

Miria, formerly known as Succubus
Miria, formerly known as Succubus

None of that is final, but it looks like LoV won’t get the same level of treatment that Sakura Taisen or THE [email protected] Cinderella Girls received. We can probably expect something minor like the Taito or Kindai Mahjong collabs.

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    1. It was a 4v4 (i think) battle in LoV. Didn’t pay too much attention to it, since I was only interested in the result. If you’re a nico premium member, you can watch the nama for yourself if you find the link in the article.

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