Granblue Fantasy From Here Onwards — June 2016 Edition

Seems this is now Haruta’s monthly series. Like last month, here is a translation of what our dear Producer has to say.


HRT opens with a quick mention of the Tales of Asteria collab that’s currently ongoing. Hope that’s going well for you guys. He mentions that he guested on a LORD of VERMILION Re:3 Niconama. It just so happens, I wrote about that yesterday. You can read about that here.

Now onto the main content.

Defend Order

June marked the introduction of Defend Order, and I’m sure you all know how much of a smashing success that was.

It seems HRT originally wanted to address the concerns regarding it via a live stream, but as there wasn’t any scheduled, he had to make do with a blog. There is one scheduled for June 22nd, but his appearance in that is very minor, so it wouldn’t be suitable for answering questions.

It’s been a few days since Defend Order missions have begun appearing again, and the staff have been listening to people’s opinions regarding it. There have been two questions that have consistently cropped up.

Why do defence missions occur during late night or weekday daytime periods when it’s hard to get a large number of players?

The answer to this question is: so that anyone can participate regardless of what time slot they play in.

Granblue Fantasy sees the most activity during the 21:00 JST to 24:00 JST time slot. On weekdays, activity spikes around 12:00 JST when people have their lunch break, and on holidays, activity is consistently high. However, there are actually also a set of players that exclusively play during late night hours (01:00 to 05:00 JST). This could be because they work night shifts, or they work very early morning so wake up at late night. But regardless of the reason, the fact is they only play during these hours.

Aside from those, there are also people that play during their commutes, and people who play after finishing housework, and so on. As you can imagine, there are people playing Granblue Fantasy at all times during the day. HRT doesn’t mention this, but of course, there are also the people that play from overseas living in different time zones.

Some people have suggested restricting it to 07:00 to 24:00 JST like the Guild War main battles. However, it seems HRT wants to avoid adding more content that is unplayable during the 00:00 to 07:00 JST slot. As such, defence missions will continue to occur at any time throughout the day. They might consider increasing the frequency of defence missions, however.

The common opinion right now is that if you don’t have enough people, the mission will fail. And it seems HRT realises this too. However, because Defend Order is still new, players are still figuring out how best to clear it. Optimal load-outs, configurations, effective items, strategies, and so on are still being figured out. As players continue to play, HRT believes the success rate will increase. Their intention is to let things continue as they are now for a while more and observe how things progress.

Isn’t a 90 minute warning a bit too short notice?

Some people have expressed concerns regarding how sudden the defence missions are, and that they interfere with planning for HL and other such battles. HRT agrees on this point and admits that staff perhaps did not fully consider this through.

The way the system is supposed to work is that the next Defend Order’s start time is determined based on the time that the previous mission completely finished. Once it is decided, players get notified 90 minutes before it happens. With the current system, they could extend the warning to 120 minutes before, but that would mean fewer defence missions occurring.

This system is currently under further consideration. Their intention wasn’t to ruin players’ schedules, so they are working to alert players earlier. In particular, they are considering changing their system to pre-generate a rough schedule for defence missions. This would be in the form of time periods, as exact times will still vary depending on when the previous mission concludes. This schedule would then be publicised on a group basis around 24 hours beforehand. How exactly this will work, given that Defend Order is a 24/7 mechanic, remains to be seen. They will also continue observing the number of participants and success rate for each time period, and will consider missions for multiple groups at the same time.

Upcoming Schedule

Summer is just around the corner, so you’re all probably eager to find out which characters will get summer versions. But before that, here’s an outline of some things that are to come in the next few days.

● Jun. 20 — Main Scenario Update

Chapter 68 and 69 have been added to the game.

● Jun. 22 — New gimmick for Skins

New skins were implemented when CDs began to get released. But now a new feature is being added! When you equip certain specific skins, the BGM played on My Page will change according to the skin you have equipped. For example, if you equip Eugen’s skin from the Sanbagarasu Otokouta CD that goes on sale on the same day, Sanbagarasu Otokouta will play!?

※ You can return this back to normal via the settings

Also on the same day at 20:00 JST, there is a Granblue Music Ranking Niconama. You can find that here.

● Jun. 23 — Event “Descent of the Four Symbols”

This time, Suzaku, Seiryuu, Byakko and Genbu will all be available. Furthermore, new enemies Ouryuu (黄龍) and Black Kirin (黒麒麟) will also be added.

The latter two will be difficult to access, but the drops are set to be quite special items, so if you get the chance, you should challenge them. By the way, there is a special trigger in these two battles. They might require a different fighting style from what you’re used to.

At the same time, the waifu/husband “favourite” character system will also be added.

Updates beyond this will be announced via the Radio and/or the Niconama.

New Developments

A lot of developments are in store, and July and August are so jam-packed that it’s starting to pop out. Here’s a little teaser…

● July — New Play Method to be added!
Last time, the PC Browser version was released. This time, a different play method will be introduced.

● August — Large Scale ○○○
They’re not sharing any details about this just yet, but there should be something in this week’s Famitsu and other similar magazines. There will be mention of content from a year ago, as well as some unexpected things.

In any case, we’ll be translating (some of) the Famitsu content as that comes out (might be a bit slow as I have a job orz), so look forward to that!

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