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Today’s nama was supposed to be all about the music, and I wasn’t expecting them to make any major announcements, especially considering the next episode of the radio goes up tomorrow. But they did. So here are the details.

Robomi (Redux) and Robomi Gaiden


The Robomi event has been announced to rerun alongside a “sequel” event from June 30th onwards! The two events will run concurrently.

There will be a brand new original theme song sung by Mizuki Ichirou Aniki of mecha/tokusatsu/etc fame. He was also one of the founding members of JAM Project by the way.

Soundtrack Vol. 4 「Lyria」


A fourth soundtrack has been announced for production. It will contain everything up until the end of Chapter 63 (the end of the Girl in Blue story arc). They want to have it out by the time the orchestral concerts begin, so looking at around August, I imagine.

Playable Sierokarte

This is something that HRT found out by coincidence today. It seems he caught sight of a planning document concerning the previously announced practice mode. Within it, there was mention of a playable Sierokarte.

While the exact details aren’t fully clear, it’s likely that Sierokarte will be limited to this practice mode. HRT says she will be in as a placeholder for characters that they can’t show just yet (similar to a dummy character).

FKHR (game director) says they might be able to use the SD art of Siero that they’ve had since the release of the game

Journey Drops Store

As previously mentioned the Journey Drops store is finally being implemented. They previously told us that some of the things they wanted to do (individual buffs) will be coming later, and this still remains true. The exchange store will be implemented on June 30th, with further upgrades/improvements/features to be added at later dates.

New Songs

Aside from the new Robomi theme song by Aniki, two new unannounced character songs are apparently in production now. As they specifically said unannounced, this means it’s not Never ending fantasy (the idol event song) or Mahou no Note (Lyria and Sierokarte’s song).

New Jobs

As a passing mention right before the end, HRT mentioned that new jobs, presumably Sparta and Warlock, will be implemented next week.


I wonder what’s gonna get announced in the radio tomorrow now that they’ve announced all this on the nama. The next wind or light final limit break, I guess.

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