Grablue Channel #46 News

New episode Grablue Channel went up earlier today. Here’s the news covered in this episode.

Grablue Channel #46

New Jobs

As HRT mentioned in the last Niconama, new jobs, Warlock and Sparta, will be implemented next week. More specifically, we now have the date June 28 as the implementation date.

Robomi & Robomi Gaiden

Also as announced in the last Niconama, Robomi will be repeating on June 30 onwards, and a new event, Robomi Gaiden, will also be running concurrently. Apparently the medals (討伐章) and contribution score (貢献度) will be shared across both events!

The trust SR character for Robomi Gaiden will be Shirou, and he will be Light element.


Apparently there is an illustration of him wearing a full body suit and looks like a hero, kinda like in a Tokusatsu show. Which is fitting given that Aniki is doing the theme song.

Swimsuit Characters

Swimsuit characters will debut from July onwards. As of yet, there are no further details.

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