New Character: SSR Rosamia

Ah, Rosamia, the character who worked her way up from R to SR and finally to SSR! Not like Yoda who cheated and jumped straight to SSR somehow…

In any case, this is quite late due to personal reasons, so apologies for that.

Rosamia (CV: Ishikawa Yui)
Rosamia (CV: Ishikawa Yui)

Rarity: SSR
Race: Human
Element: Light
Type: Balance

A test subject of the Erste Empire Army’s “Mask” technology. The mask raises her magic ability and allows her to use the powerful Talisman Manipulation technique. However, the mask interferes with the wearer’s will. As it was developed with fighting in mind, there is a risk of the mask hijacking the wearer’s will and going on a rampage.

Doubting the purpose of this research, Rosamia deserted the army, and went on the run. She was regularly confronted by the Imperial Army, and at the peak of one of the battles, the mask went berserk. That actually served as the catalyst that allowed her to bring the mask under her complete control.

However, that was simply just the mask changing its way of interfering. Instead of forcibly taking control, it slowly twisted her thoughts to what it wanted to do. As a result, Rosamia became someone who only sought conflict. She became so obsessed with conflict that she would even lie and deceive allies to bring her to a battle. Because of her inconsistent statements, her allies, the protagonist and friends, began to doubt her.

Action Abilities

Lifehelm Talisman Kai II Prevents damage to Rosamia / Cursed for 4 turns
◆ Consumes 25% of Rosamia’s Total HP
[Cooldown reduced at Lv 55]
Cooldown: 6 Turns. Duration: 2 Turns.

For two turns, Rosamia stops taking damage (excluding non-elemental damage). Furthermore, a Curse of the Mask status effect appears on Rosamia for 4 turns. Like a regular Curse effect, it prevents Rosamia from recovering HP (via potions or otherwise). The difference, however, is that it cannot be removed with Clear and similar abilities. It’s worth noting that Rosamia has support abilities that are only active when this Curse of the Mask is active (mentioned below).

When you use this ability, you reduce Rosamia’s HP, but for the following 2 turns, she’s basically invincible. But the 2 turns after that, she won’t be able to recover HP, so this could become a double-edged sword.

Armoursmash Talisman Quad Inflicts Light Damage upon an Enemy / Reduces an enemy’s defence (Stackable)
[Cooldown reduced at Lv 75]
Cooldown: 5 Turns. Duration: 180 Seconds.

This ability inflicts damage while also lowering an enemy’s defence. The stack limit is set to be quite high, so given enough time, Rosamia alone can bring their defence quite low.

Groundhold Talisman Raises Rosamia’s Multi-Attack rate / Raises Aggression towards Rosamia
Cooldown: 11 Turns. Duration: 6 Turns.

This ability grants Rosamia guaranteed Double Attack as well as raises her Triple Attack rate quite high, but it makes enemies target her more frequently.

It’s quite similar to Aoidos’ Bloody Garden, but Rosamia can use Lifehelm Talisman Kai II to protect herself and then rely on her support ability to further boost her attack. Thanks to her Curse of the Mask, there’s a bigger sense of risk when using Rosamia compared to Aoidos. However, because there is no uncertain factor (Tension), she is more stable.

Super Attack

Talisman Manipulation: Piercing Dark Void Light Damage (Extra Large)

Kinda plain…

Support Abilities

Lost Identity Reduces Max HP by 15% / When Curse of the Mask is active, Rosamia can survive a lethal hit and remain on 1 HP once.

Shaving off her soul and becoming extremely brittle, then hurting herself to charge in to attack. That’s the Rosamia that this ability embodies. While Curse of the Mask is active, Rosamia can take an attack that would’ve normally have killed her, but survive with 1 HP remaining once per battle.

Mask Permeability When Curse of the Mask is active, grants Additional Light Damage to Rosamia

When Curse of the Mask is active, Rosamia deals additional light damage with her regular attacks. Combine this with Lifehelm Talisman Kai II and Groundhold Talisman and you can deal a lot of damage in one go. This is probably the most basic way to use her.

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