July Rebalancing Details

FKHR published some details regarding the planned July Game Rebalancing yesterday. This rebalancing is focused on the Summer Characters, and is due to land on Jul. 19.


Summer Character Abilities

FKHR hopes that with these changes, people who already have obtained summer characters from previous years will feel that they are a bit more fresh and useful, and actually take them into battle now.


  • Double Attack Rate of Sand Ambush: Sandbush! to be raised.


  • Attack Up effect of Pretty Please Nightmare to be raised.

De La Fille

  • Accuracy of the Blind effect of Prism Pillar to be raised.
  • Heal Amount of Cure Light to be raised.
    • Heal Cap will not be adjusted.


  • Double Attack Rate of support ability Attitude Control to be raised.


  • Damage Cap of Red Wind to be raised.
  • Ability Damage Up amount and Stack Limit of Concentration to be raised.


  • Critical Rate Up effect to be added to Summer Dance.
  • Damage Cap of Spiral Air Raid to be raised.


  • Damage to All Enemies and Attack Up effects to be added to Hellfire Roast.
  • Party Fire Damage Up effect of support ability Flash Over to be raised.


  • Double Attack Rate of Shadow Sense to be raised.
  • Cooldown of Backstab II to be reduced.


  • Attack Up effect of Lust to be raised.


  • Defence Down effect of Recon to be removed.


  • Damage Cap of Grim Ripper II to be raised.
  • Party Ability Damage Up effect of support ability Fear Domain to be raised.


  • Cooldown of Breeze Trick to be reduced.


  • Mode Gauge Reduction Amount Up effect to be added to Rhymes
  • Reduce Mode Gauge if Enemy in Overdrive effect to be added to Arvess Swing

Ability Animations

The reception to the new ability animations introduced in the previous rebalancing has been very positive, so they intend to introduce some more. To start with, there are new animations for Enemy Defence DOWN and Party Elemental Attack/Defence UP abilities. These weren’t finished in time for the previous update, so they will be adding them shortly.

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  1. Hi idk if you know bruh, but im gonna ask anyway, are we goingot be able to pull the same summer units of last time or that possibility doesnt exist?

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