New Character: SSR Yngwie

Water finally gets a new SSR character. And it’s a guy… RIP Water.

Yngwie (CV: Yamaji Kazuhiro)
Yngwie (CV: Yamaji Kazuhiro)

Rarity: SSR
Race: Human
Element: Water
Type: Defence

A legendary skyfarer of many tales. He disappeared off the radars around 20 years ago, and no one knew anything about his whereabouts until recently.

He was the leader of an adventure-loving crew formed decades ago, who made a big impact in the lives of many people by forging new routes through the sky. He lived in everyone’s mind, performing deeds such as saving the existence of a certain country, defeating giant monsters, and much more.

However, he didn’t like being treated like a hero, so he erased himself from everyone’s sight. Every now and then, rumours would crop up. Unreliable as they were, they told stories of him performing unprecedented deeds that one might expect of him. As time passed, he eventually returned to his hometown. He spoke nothing of his adventures, but settled down and lived a peaceful life on the small island. Eventually, the world forgot about him.

Action Abilities

All Coming Absorbs Super Charge from allies to charge Yngwie Super Gauge.
[Cooldown reduced at Lv 55]
Cooldown: x Turns.

This absorbs up to 50% Super Charge from each ally. If 3 allies have 50% each, then it will absorb 150%, so you need to be careful about that. Alternatively, you can think of it as, if just two people have 50% super each, then you can get Yngwie to max charge again. Yngwie’s Tough Guy ability consumes super charge, so it might be good to consume as much as you can.

The Wild Perform a regular attack without passing a turn.
[Cooldown reduced at Lv 75]
Cooldown: x Turns.

This ability makes Yngwie perform a regular attack there and then, similar to Gunslinger’s Early Shot. Of course, No Mercy‘s Critical and Additional damage apply, and there is also a chance of Double or Triple attacks occurring, which makes this a plain but very handy ability for building super charge.

No Mercy Raises Yngwie’s Critical Rate / Bestows Additional Water Damage effect.
Cooldown: x Turns. Duration: x Turns.

This ability raises Yngwie’s critical rate, and also causes him to do additional water damage when he attacks regularly. If you combine this with The Wild and use it while he’s in Tough Guy mode, it’s especially powerful.

Super Attack

Red Hot Guardian Water Damage (Extra Large) / Super Attack Gauge Up.

When you use Yngwie’s super attack, he enters Tough Guy mode. He then gets 50% super charge again.

Full Metal Sights Water Damage (Extra Large).

This super attack only occurs when Yngwie is in Tough Guy mode. But because his super gauge decreases every turn, you might find it difficult to activate without some additional help. But to make up for it, it’s very powerful.

Support Abilities

Tough Guy Enters Tough Guy mode after using Super Attack / Use Super Attack again to leave / While in Tough Guy mode, Yngwie’s stats are increased.
◆ Tough Guy mode consumes Super Gauge charge each turn to maintain.

Upon using Red Hot Guardian, Yngwie’s shield transforms into an armour and he enters Tough Guy mode. In this mode, enemy aggression towards him and his defence get raised massively, effectively making him an immovable fortress. Furthermore, his attack is also buffed, and he resists debuffs. However, every turn, his super gauge will decrease. The exact amount it decreases by will increase as turns pass, so if you maintain it for a long time, the cost will be quite high. But that’s where his other abilities and your other party members come in.

Borderline The lower Yngwie’s HP is, the higher his defence becomes.

As Yngwie’s remaining HP decreases, his defence raises in stages. When he’s below 25% HP (in a near-death state), his defence is at the highest.

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