Granblue Fantasy From Here Onward — July 2016 Edition

July’s issue is a bit shorter than usual, but the content is a bit more serious than usual too. As usual, here is a translation of the article.


Limited Characters returning

As announced in the May edition, Harezena, Jeanne d’Arc (Dark), Korwa, Aliza (SSR) and Ayer will be returning. They will be introduced in their original order of introduction, starting from the next gacha update (Jul. 22 19:00 JST). They will continue to remain available in the gacha pool.

Suspensions resulting from use of external tools

As of today (Jul. 20)’s update, the following changes were made:

  • Adjusted the handling of the “Processing previous turn” pop-up.
  • Adjusted the handling of pop-ups (captcha) resulting from long play durations.
  • Adjusted the logging of players’ gameplay to prevent continuous play through tools, etc.

If the installation and usage of any external tools is detected, the offending player(s) will be suspended. During the initial period of Jul. 20 17:30 JST to 18:30 JST, around 1620 accounts were suspended for usage of external tools. Suspensions on accounts detected using external tools will continue to be issued from now onward, and repeat offenders will receive heavier punishments.

If your account gets suspended, you will see something like this:


A dedicated team is monitoring this, and will be working to expand the scope of the detection.

12 million players! Summer Special Campaign!


The campaign will take place in three parts, and will last about 40 days! There is a lot of stuff prepared, so look forward to tomorrow’s announcement!

Defend Order From Here Onward

Defend Order missions will not occur during the Guild War event period (Jul. 23 19:00 JST ~ Jul. 30 23:50 JST).

During this time, the following updates are planned:

  • A new defence mission will be added to the Auguste Isles.
  • A new defence mission will be added to Fremel Island (Valtz Duchy).
  • The amount of shields received will be adjusted
  • The monsters that appear in the support battles will be adjusted
  • Items dropped by monsters in support battles, and their drop rates, will be adjusted

A number of events are still planned for July and August, including niconamas, Orchestra-related events and announcements, so look forward to those.

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