Summer Secret Report Niconama News

There was a Summer Secret Report Niconama yesterday. They covered a lot of statistics and went over their progress since last year’s Tokyo Game Show, but they also explained some future game balances and updates.

While statistics are great and all, the new things are probably of bigger concern to you guys. If there’s demand for it, we will have a post that translates the statistics covered up at a later date.

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 3.28.59 PM

Class IV Jobs

Chaos Lewder

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 3.25.48 PM

We saw this from a previous Weekly Famitsu issue. Unfortunately, the actual English name isn’t known, so my guildmates have just been joking that it’s Chaos Lewder. That Djeeta is pretty lewd so… This job is the Class IV job for the Dark Fencer line (as expected), and the proficient weapons will remain as Sword and Dagger.


Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 3.26.43 PM

This is a brand new reveal from the niconama. It is Hawkeye’s Class IV job, and will have Dagger and Gun as it’s proficient weapons, just like Hawkeye.


This has been mentioned a few times already in the past, but there are plans to make the required items to unlock Class IV (e.g. Silver Centrum) easier to obtain. We already have the ability to exchange for Silver Centrums via the Shop now; what will we see in future?

Casino Updates

1000 Bet Poker

1000 bet is finally being added for Poker. They expect to implement this by around Wednesday.

1 Card Poker Rebalancing

Due to the overwhelmingly lack of popularity of 1 Card Poker mode, they’re going to rebalance the medal payouts. Something like that. We don’t have any specifics on what they intend to do.

Casino Skins

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Swimsuit Skins


This actually came up during a planning meeting, but due to the fact that they were introducing so many characters already this year, they decided not to do it this year. Haruta said that he would definitely like to do it next year.


Haruta announced right before the end of the nama that Percival was getting a swimsuit SSR version. Of course, everyone knows that already though since someone found the in-game images already.

Old Weapons

Due to the fact that the Old series of weapons (from Flame Glass, Macula Marius, etc.) have been incredibly hard to obtain, they plan to introduce a new method of obtaining them. There are no details yet, but Haruta has hinted that it will involve exchanging something you obtain from higher level battles.

Bahamut Futurus Weapons

The Bahamut weapons that players upgrade to the final stage is overwhelmingly skewed towards Dagger, Sword and Gun. Haruta said they have plans to adjust the abilities of the lesser used weapons to make them more useful.

New Magnas

No specifics were given, but Haruta said there were plans to introduce new Magna battles.

Rebalancing of Regen Summons

The series of summons with regen, namely Neptune, Cybele and Satyros, will be getting rebalanced to make them more useful.

White Rabbit

This has come up multiple times already, including most recently during the Defend Order Advance Play event, but they plan to make White Rabbit easier to obtain. The introduction of Black Rabbit had nothing to do with this; they had planned to introduce it regardless.

Gunslinger Bullets

A number of people have asked for bullets to be reworked. Haruta says that there are no plans to change things just at the moment. However, when they introduce more Extra Jobs at a later date (presumably after Class IVs), they will look at rebalancing them.

3rd Anniversary

Granblue Fantasy is on it’s way to its 3rd Anniversary now. Haruta left us with this teaser image and no explanation.

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 4.44.25 PM

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    1. The katakana read “Kaosuruudaa”. 「ル」 = “ru” (or “lu”, because of the whole “Japanese and ‘R’/’L'” thing). “Leader” would probably be written as 「リーダ」.

      1. Ruder means something like oar, rudder or helm in German. But that doesn’t make any sense either in this context.
        Or we could replace R with L and get Luder = hussy/minx, which brings us back to Lewder.

  1. Maybe they made a typo, and it is actually Chaos Ruler. That fancy chair Gran/Djeeta are sitting on could be their throne.

    1. HRT explained this months back. It’s because they didn’t want people to do the quest, retreat if they didn’t get a gold chest drop and then get their AP refunded.

      1. yeah but still doesnt change the fact radiant whorl still there as possible drop, just try to find the rabbit already use tons of pots let alone getting the summom

        1. whle they might thinking the stop ppl using that exploit, they also making thing worse for ppl that try to farming it in ‘normal way’ unless they removed the whorl from drop list once you complete the quest

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