LORD of VERMILION x Granblue Fantasy Collab

If you think back to two months ago, Haruta appeared on a LORD of VERMILION stream and they talked about future collaborations. Details for that were just announced today at the OVER the LORD Summer Festival in Tokyo Big Sight event.




A collaboration event has been announced to take place. Haruta initially didn’t mention this, but he has confirmed it now. We don’t know exact details of what type of event it will be, but he has said it will happen in September. Based on the information below, we expect it to be a similar event type to the Street Fighter collaboration events.

Job Skins


As Haruta originally teased, some characters’ outfits will be making their way to Granblue Fantasy. In particular, Gideon and Angela’s outfits will be coming over this event. As they are sword-using characters, these job skins can only be equipped by sword-using jobs (like Dark Fencer, Sword Master, etc.).

While there are no details at this stage, we expect this will likely be similar to how the Ryu/Chun-Li skin came with the fist weapon.

Event Boss


As previously teased, Miria will be available in the game. She will appear in the game as the boss of a certain place during the collab period. You can also obtain her as a summon.

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