Grablue Channel #49 News

Congratulations on two years to Grablue Channel! This episode features Shiraishi Minoru, the voice of Lowain, as a guest. He’ll also be there next episode. Weiiii!!!!

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August Final Limit Break

It’s been revealed that Helnar will be receiving a Final Limit Break this month. As Naobou said, it’s the Wind SR Helnar, not the other Helnar. Except they’re both Wind SRs so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Fenrir and Cerberus Conquest

The Fenrir and Cerberus Conquest events are due to rerun on from Aug. 16 onwards.

This time, there is a new system being added. As you might remember, the HELL difficulty battles were removed when the MANIAC difficulty was introduced. This is now being brought back with a slight twist. There will now be three different HELL difficulties. These may be easier or harder than the MANIAC. However, the harder ones will have better drop rates.

There are also new weapons being added.

Lord of Vermilion Collab

This was announced over the weekend and you can read the full details here. Unfortunately, nothing we didn’t already know was announced in the Radio.

6 thoughts to “Grablue Channel #49 News”

    1. Perhaps you haven’t noticed, but new final limit breaks are introduced alternating between SR and SSR. Wind only just got their second 5* SSR last month, so the next limit break was never going to be a light SSR.

    2. So what? Light already has THE best non gacha weapon in the game, insane core SSRs, etc.

      They need to pay attention to the other elements namely fire, water, earth.

      Pretty ridiculous that the makers of the game have no idea how to balance it.

      1. How is Chev sword an argument when talking about element strengths? When it’s a HL drop with abysmally low drop rate it might as well be a gatcha weapon. And it’s nothing special without 4*. Compare how much time and luck you need for something like Tiamat gun grid compared to Chev sword…

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