August Final Limit Break: SR Helnar

As previously announced in Grablue Channel, August’s final limit break character is SR Helnar.

SR Gayne (CV: Nakahara Mai)
SR Helnar (CV: Suzuki Tatsuhisa)

A wandering Elune magic swordsman. His brilliant blend of magic and sword techniques was used as part of a performance with the dancer Gayne, but it’s also incredibly effective at deceiving enemies in battle.

Very sociable and friendly, even people of the same gender will take a liking to him. However, he will flirt with any female, regardless of who they are, as he considers this a courtesy towards females.

He used to be part of a dance pair with Gayne, and even then, he was often scolded as being frivolous.

Now then, let’s take a look at Helnar’s current abilities.

Action Abilities

Wind II Inflicts Wind Damage upon an enemy (Medium)
[Gets upgraded at Lv 45]
Cooldown: 5 Turns.
Apyre’s Bite Extends the Break duration of an enemy
[Gets upgraded and Cooldown reduced from Lv 65]
Cooldown: 10 Turns.
Dance of the Storm Raises Helnar’s Triple Attack Rate.

Cooldown: 12 Turns. Duration: 4 Turns.

Super Attack

Flaterie Sol Wind Damage (Large)

Support Ability

Pick-Up Line Suppress an enemy’s Overdrive

Helnar is an old-time character who has been in the game since the start. With his final limit break, we tried to improve the usefulness of all his abilities, and improve his synergy potential with other characters.

Once you limit break him…

His Super Attack becomes a new super attack called Danza de las espadas (Spanish for Sword Dance) and has a new animation. Not only does it have increased damage, it also comes with a new effect: “Raises Helnar’s attack relative to the number of females in the party”. It’s kind of like Helnar getting motivated by girls cheering him on when he’s showing off his sword dance.

At Lv 80…

Apyre’s Bite gets upgraded. Not only does it Break Lock (Time), it will also give Break Assassin to your entire party.

Upon clearing the Fate Episode that appears at Lv 90…

Dance of the Storm gets upgraded to increase the Triple Attack Rate of the entire party. It works very well with Apyre’s Bite++ and has good synergy with Nezahualpilli.

The fate episode itself covers Helnar’s past, so of course, Gayne appears in it. If you have Gayne, Fukuhara recommends you watch her Fate Episode before Helnar’s.

Finally, Fukuhara has acknowledged that Wind is strong compared to some other elements at the moment. He has asked for patience, as it is definitely not their intention to give one element a significant advantage over another. Personally, I see the introduction of Bonito and the Fenrir bow as a big step towards buffing water. However, I expect Bonito-type summons will also appear for the other three elements, as it seems more like an attempt to put the four elements on par with Light and Dark.

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