Granblue Fantasy From Here Onward — August 2016 Edition

Yesterday, Cygames NEXT 2016 took place. There were a lot of announcements there, some concerning Granblue Fantasy, and some not. None of the announcements were actually about in-game content so I opted not to write about it. Haruta did promise that he would write about game things soon after, and here it is.

Update 08/23 04:24 (JST) by Tin: adding the mention of new weapons drops for some multi-battles raids.


New Jobs

As briefly mentioned in the Niconama from July, the new Class IV jobs Chaos Lewder(?) and Chivalrous Thief (previously announced as Kabuki), will be implemented in a Aug. 25 game update.



Chaos Lewder is the Class IV job for the Dark Fencer line, and Chivalrous Thief for Hawkeye.

In the same update, chapters 72 and 73 of the main quest will be added, and some multi-battles will have their start conditions adjusted.

In addition, the aforementioned multi-battles will have new weapon drops added.

New Event: “Arcanum no Tensei” Pre-Event

The new content announced at Tokyo Game Show last year is finally coming. The event is going to start soon, but this pre-event is a bit of a sneak peek designed to allow staff to stress test the servers and find bugs, as well as to allow players to grasp the rules of the event.

The pre-event will be implemented on August 25. This event will take place in “seasons”, and within each season, there will be a few days of “rounds”. For this pre-event, there will be three rounds, taking place at the following times:

Round 1: Aug. 25 6:00 JST ~ 10:00 JST
Round 2: Aug. 25 12:00 JST ~ 16:00 JST
Round 3: Aug. 25 18:00 JST ~ 22:00 JST

During the pre-event, not all features of the event will be available, and not everything is finalised. This means that animations, transitions, etc. are all subject to change.

The main differences between the pre-event and the actual event are as follows:

  • Bonus title/trophy for participating in the pre-event
  • You can only earn Verum Notes during the pre-event. No other treasures are available.
    ※ Verum Notes are like medals/badges earned in Guild War/Unite and Fight events.
  • Rankings will be calculated during the pre-event, but there will be no rewards based on rank.
  • During the pre-event, the Arcanum no Tensei shop will not be available.
  • During the pre-event, the Scout function will not be available.

Player’s progress during the pre-event will be closely observed, and content will be balanced/changed and/or new features will be added accordingly.


Trial Battle

The long requested training ground feature is finally coming. It’s expected to be added in early September.


As one might expect, battles in this mode will cost 0 AP. These can be used to test your composition, or check the effects of abilities.

Furthermore, you can obtain free “Trial Characters” in this mode. These characters can only be used in Trial Battle mode, but their parameters and abilities will take on that of newly implemented characters. Presumably this is so you can test a character without having to obtain them.


Granblue Fantasy Sky Compass

After operating for over 30 months, Granblue Fantasy has grown tremendously as a franchise. However, the team behind it is not only focusing on creating new content, but continuously improving the game, which is the foundation of the franchise. In particular, they have been looking at improving areas in which the game is still lacking.

They expect to unveil a number of new things in the remaining 6 months leading up to the third anniversary.

But for now, they have announced Sky Compass. This is a companion app that is designed to supplement Granblue Fantasy and make the game easier and more enjoyable to play.


As the app is intended to make life easier for players, it will be available for free.

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