Granblue Fantasy From Here Onward — September 2016 Edition

It’s been a bit quiet here recently, but don’t worry, we’re still here.

Anyway, last month‘s issue was mainly about how bringing in the bed cloth (so to speak), and on the other hand, this issue will be about how best to fold it.


Defend Order


As you probably already know, there is currently a collab event running in DO. However, the dev team think that DO lacks an objective and motivation for players to continue playing. As the producer, Haruta has been listening to players’ feedback, and as of Sep. 21 14:00 JST, defence missions will stop occurring.

Defend Order will be completely reset, and they will be reworking DO to make it something that everyone can enjoy. In particular, the following changes are being considered at the moment:

  • DO will become a game mode that can be played as a guild/crew
  • The leader of the guild/crew will be able to freely set the time of occurrence
  • Instead of just defeating enemies, a protection objective will be introduced

Monster drops from certain quests

During the may Defend Order Advance Play, someone asked Haruta about the White Rabbit. In particular, they wanted the light gene/whorl to be removed from the white rabbit’s drop pool.

In a game update scheduled for Sep. 15, this will be made the case. If a gold box drops from the rabbit, then it can only contain the White Rabbit summon.

The reason this change was not made up to now was to prevent players who had not yet cleared the quest from exploiting the AP refund from retreating. In order to prevent this exploit, they’re making it so that the White Rabbit will not drop at all if you have not cleared the quest yet.

The drop rate for the White Rabbit summon will remain unchanged from the current rate. But to replace the Light Gene/Whorl that is being removed, they are introducing a new treasure item to the White Rabbit’s drop pool. This will drop from a silver box. For those of you not blessed by the RNG, if you collect a number of these treasure items, you will be able to trade them for one White Rabbit summon in the shop.

Google ChromeApps version

Last month, Google announced that ChromeApps was being discontinued. Support for current ChromeApps will end in the second half of 2017, and the functionality will be removed from Chrome by early 2018.

Granblue Fantasy is officially playable on desktop via the web version now, so they suggest migrating to that. They’re aware that it currently does not operate correctly on all platforms and that there are still bugs, so they will be addressing them in the near future.

Autumn Rebalancing

A game rebalancing will happen somewhere between October and November. It won’t be limited to just character abilities, but will also include changes to monster attack patterns and stats. Further details will be announced at a later date.

7 thoughts to “Granblue Fantasy From Here Onward — September 2016 Edition”

  1. Would be nice to hear what they are planning to do with all the shields and ranks people wasted their time on obtaining. I wanted to use all my shields on crystals… Oh, why do I feel they will trade them for rupies.

  2. >we’re going to make it easier to get the rabbit
    >by making the attempt always a costly exercise in frustration instead of an occasionally-non-costly excercise in frustration
    >and while we’re gonna add it to the shop, there will only be one and you’ll still have to waste resources trying for it

    you get the impression that HRT completely fails to understand WHY people “exploit” a standard game mechanic.
    much like it’s obvious they fail to understand why people bot the casino to hell.

    this is why there are people who simply accept that they’ll never have some of this shit and don’t bother trying for it.
    months-long slogs trying to get things with 0.0000001% (or worse) drop rates are not fun. fighting a rigged RNG so you can fight another rigged RNG so you can lose the majority of the time is not fun. it’s really disturbing how endemic the idea that people actually like that shit is, despite reality consistently demonstrating otherwise.
    tireless toil with no real payout is what actual jobs are for.

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