Grablue Channel #53 News

Time for another episode of Grablue Channel.


Cinderella Girls Collab Event Part 6

The Part 6 of THE [email protected] collaboration event has already been announced and will be starting on Oct. 14. Alongside Miria and Anya, one more secret character will be appearing! While nothing has been revealed to anyone yet, Naobou thinks that the secret character could be Takagaki Kaede.

Part 5 of the collab will also be repeating, and Uzuki, Rin, Mio, Airi, and Sachiko will be obtainable again.

October Guild War

As expected, the October Guild War will be Halloween themed and the boss will be dark.

New Halloween Characters

The annual Halloween gacha will feature two new characters this year. One of them will be a male Elune wearing a cloak and a collar. The outfit looks like it could be Dracula themed. The ears are upwards-pointing. The other character will be a female Human(?) dressed as a witch and holding a sword.

6 thoughts to “Grablue Channel #53 News”

  1. >rerunning the collab that finished less than eight months ago
    >most just likely to force shittyass newgens AND THEY WILL NEVER STOP BEING SHIT
    >kanako, mika, miku, KSWM, ankira, and other still not rerun

    1. The reason newgen got reintroduced as part of the new event is because they would have to rerun the guild war one if they wanted to rerun any of the other previous ones. Personally, I think those will never repeat again, instead the characters and events will get re-introduced as part of new non-GW events in future.

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