Granblue Fantasy From Here Onward — November 2016 Edition

You may be aware that HRT has stepped down from his position as Producer for the game as of the beginning of November, and his predecessor, Kimura, is now returning as the game’s Producer. That explains why there was no October edition of this series.

As such, this post was penned by Kimura, our new overlord.


The Future of Arcarum

It’s been decided that the Arcarum event is not fun and satisfying for players, so the concept will be reviewed. After this month, the plan will be reset to a plain slate. Any plans to re-introduce it will be announced later.

Autumn Rebalancing

It was previously announced that a balance adjustment would be coming in August. Unfortunately, this is still being prepared, and it is expected that they will be ready by late November to early December.

New Direction for Trial Battle

Currently, the characters that appear in Trial Battle are characters that are due to be implemented in a matter of days. However, going forward, new characters with very unique abilities will be appearing irregularly. This is to allow staff to gain feedback regarding difficult-to-balance characters.

New Jobs

It was previously announced that all the jobs would be implemented by the end of the year, but from this month onward, this will be changed to one job a month. By the end of this year, two more jobs will be implemented.

Return of Zodiac Characters

The previous producer announced that as long as he was producer, there were no plans to reintroduce Zodiac characters within a 12-year period. However, as the producer has now changed, this decision has been reconsidered, and it has been decided that Zodiac characters will now be re-introduced approximately one year after they became unavailable.

Something not mentioned in this post, but remember how HRT said that as long as he was producer, Sturm and Drang would never be playable? Well…

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    1. with HRT gone, maybe the ,orchestra group will become accessible to people who couldn’t go to all five cities. <_< preferrably in some manner that doesn't involve whaling. though I suppose that's too much to ask.

      1. iirc HRT said they were considering making these characters available in orchestral CDs that they would release eventually

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