November Rebalancing Details

The director, Fukuhara, just published some details regarding the upcoming November balance patch.

The promised patch is currently planned for Nov. 24th.



Main Quest AP Consumption

All main quest chapters up to Chapter 40 will have their AP cost reduced to 0 for their first clear.

Main Quest Elixir Limit

The elixir usage limit for the battles in Chapter 61, 62, and 63 will be removed.

Time Limited Quests

Time limited quests is being removed. Players will be able to challenge Angel Halo at any time. The ★ Angel Halo will return as a EXTREME difficulty quest, and enemies will also be stronger.

Character Abilities

SSR Lily

Lily’s support ability will be replaced by a new ability.

Envoy of the Crystal Palace Raises Attack based on the number of races of your battle members

SR Therese (Water)

Therese’s support ability will be replaced by a new ability.

Duality Raises Attack inversely proportionally to HP

SR Mishra

Mishra’s support ability will be replaced by a new ability.

Pursuit of Beauty Raises Debuff Success Rate

R Richard

Richard’s support ability will be replaced by a new ability.

Destiny Draw Very Small Chance to Critical Hit

SSR Aliza

  • The Counter Damage of Waves of Fire will be raised.
  • The damage of Thunder† will be raised.
  • Additional Effect Raise Critical Rate will be added to her Super Attack.

Thunder is actually a mistranslation. The original text says 鳴神 (Narukami), not 神鳴り (Kaminari) or 雷 (Kaminari).

SR Jamil

  • The effect of Hide will be increased.

SR Laguna

  • The effect of Support Ability Omar’s Memory will be changed to raise stats even if damage was taken.

SSR Rosamia

  • The Super Attack when afflicted by Curse of the Mask will do Additional Damage.
  • The Super Attack will now inflict Curse of the Mask upon Rosamia.

SSR Vira (5★)

  • The Super Gauge cost for activating Chevalier Merge will be reduced to 50%.

SSR Siegfried (5★)

  • The Attack Up effect of Manigance++ will be raised.
  • The Super Attack will do Additional Damage regardless of enemy’s break status.
  • The Super Attack’s Additional Damage will receive a new visual effect.


  • The Damage of Spiral Spear will be raised.
  • The Counter Damage of Fleeting Spark will be raised.

SSR Quatre

  • Gammadion Cross will receive Inflicts 3x damage (2 times) as an additional effect.
  • Gammadion Cross will receive a new visual effect.
  • The Water damage to one enemy effect of Carnage will be changed to 4 hits to random enemy. The damage of each individual hit will be reduced, but the total damage dealt will be higher.
  • The Gravity effect of Carnage will target all enemies.
  • Carnage will receive a new visual effect.



Kaguya’s Aura will receive the additional effect of Raising Item Drop Rate by 20% (25% at 3★).


Sethlans’s Aura will be changed to start at 60% and increase by 2% every turn (up to 100%).
At 3★, it will start at 80% and increase up to 120%.


Soft Cap for Inflicted Damage

Abilities such as Dark SSR Sarunan are able to, under very special circumstances, inflict extremely high amounts of damage. In order to not not affect future content and end-game content, a soft damage cap will be implemented for the amount of damage that an enemy can receive. This cap will be set around 10,000,000, a number that should be impossible to reach under normal circumstances.

Protection from Divine Birds

The following weapons with the above skill will have their skills changed.

Weapon New Skill Effect
Ice Crystal Staff Water’s Might Water Characters’ Attack Up (Small)
Tanzanite Sword Water’s Dual-Edge Water Characters’ Double Attack Rate Up (Small)
Spritewood Staff Water’s Healing Water Characters’ Recovery Cap Up (Small)
Self Defender Water’s Verity Water Characters’ Critical Rate Up (Small)

Weapon Skill Stamina

The SSR Weapon Fimbul from the Fenrir Showdown event came with a skill called Hoarfrost’s Stamina. The Attack Up effect of this skill will be reduced. Compared to skills like Enmity, the ease at which the maximum effect can be achieved, as well as the growth rate of the skill, greatly outperforms other weapons.

White Rabbit

The drop rate of the White Rabbit summon and treasure Happiness Carrot from a certain quest will be greatly increased. Furthermore, White Rabbit will now be treated as a Rare Monster, so Sylphid Bell will now affect it.

MISS message

If a character successfully evades an attack as a result of their evade chance, a “DODGE” message will appear instead of the “MISS” message that has appeared thus far.

Multi-Battle / Co-Op Skin Display

A new setting is being added to turn on/off the display of skins in multi-battle and/or co-op rooms. As the number of skins that can be equipped by multiple jobs increases, this will be useful for checking what job members are using.

Anima Drop Rates

The drop rates of Anima and Magna Anima will be increased. The affected battles are as follows.

  • Tiamat Showdown
  • Tiamat Showdown HARD
  • Colossus Showdown
  • Colossus Showdown HARD
  • Leviathan Showdown
  • Leviathan Showdown HARD
  • Yggdrasil Showdown
  • Yggdrasil Showdown HARD
  • Adversa Showdown
  • Adversa Showdown HARD
  • Celeste Showdown
  • Celeste Showdown HARD

Effect Renewal

This is a continuation of the effect renewal that took place in the June update. In addition, some status effect icons that had overlapping icons will also be changed.


Medal Pricing

The price of medals is currently around 20 rupees for 1 medal. This will be changed to 20 rupees for around 10 medals.

Medal Purchase Limit

At the moment, you can only purchase 10,000 medals per day. This will be raised to 50,000 medals.

Prize Cost

The following prize items will have their prices and stock adjusted.

Prize Item Original New
Half Elixir 3,000 1,500
Soul Seed 1,000 500
Tiamat Magna Anima 15,000 5,000
Colossus Magna Anima 15,000 5,000
Leviathan Magna Anima 15,000 5,000
Yggdrasil Magna Anima 15,000 5,000
Chevalier Magna Anima 20,000 10,000
Celeste Magna Anima 20,000 10,000

The daily exchange limit for Magna Anima will be changed from 3 to 1. This change is intended to go with the aforementioned drop rate adjustment to change the current view that it is easier to get Magna Anima from the Casino than it is from battles.


In the Event Schedule published at the beginning of the month, the Defender’s Oath and Four Knights of a Fallen Land events were listed as “Returning / Renewal”, which led to a lot of confusion about what this meant. This will now be used in future to refer to past scenario events that are returning and have been redone. The biggest change is that there will no longer be Multi-Battles. Instead, the boss battles will become Extra Quests. The Event Scenario will remain, of course. After reading those, you can use AP on the Extra Quests to earn rewards, and spend your BP on Magna battles.

There have been many requests to rerun past scenario events like the current one, but due to various circumstances and timing issues, these could only be run at a rate of about 1 every 6 months. The biggest bottleneck for returning events is be development time, so new content has always received higher priority. However, for the upcoming events, the entire system and UI, as well as the data structure, has been entirely redone.

As such, there can now be more returning events in future. This month, Defender’s Oath and Four Knights of a Fallen Land are returning, next month will have Beatrix’s event (自由をその手に).


Damascus Bar

Finally, the Damascus Bar is being made easier to obtain.

At the moment, the only way to obtain the Damascus Bar is to exchange moons for it. This will be changed to allow players to exchange a special treasure for the Damascus Bar in the Shop. This will be similar to how you can trade Gold Nuggets for the Gold Bar.

This treasure, called Damascus Crystal, will be available from future returning events such as the upcoming Defender’s Oath, and from the month-end scenario events. You will be able to get a maximum of 3 per event. When you have a certain number of these crystals, you can exchange them for the Damascus Bar.

In addition to this, HELL bosses from these events will also have a low chance of dropping a treasure called Damascus Swarf. If you collect 3 of these, you can trade it for a Damascus Crystal. However, in exchange, returning and new scenario event bosses will no longer drop the Gold Bar. Although you will need to collect more Damascus Swarf to exchange for a bar, the drop rate will be higher than that of the Gold Bar.


Work is now underway for the 3rd Anniversary update, but a number of convenient features are planned to be implemented before then. A few features, like skipping the adventure part of story chapters, are planned for before the end of the year.

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  1. thanks southrop! o/

    So Quatre gets AoE Gravity, but Chaos Lewder can’t get it huh? And I thought for sure they’d want to address how Lewder is a less useful version of DF but I guess not.

    1. Not sure about anyone else, but this balance patch seems incomplete judging how random the choices for buffs seem to be. The boosters were a given so they were fixed first, but I’m suspecting they’ll be doing another one in a month or two to address more of the older characters. Here’s to hoping Lewder gets buffed at the same time, lol.

  2. I’m glad about most of this but geez cygames. You had to hotfix guild wars thanks to her and racing that garbage is impossible.

  3. Nerf to casino anima and changing story events into perpetual collab grind… Great, more AP sinks and grind was just what this game needed.

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