Granblue Fes 2017 Day 1 News Roundup

Hello! It’s me! Are you surprised? Me too, to be honest. A lot was announced today, and I made a roundup of the news for my friends, so I figured I’d put it up here as well.

New Scenario Event

The final scenario event of the year will be called “Right Behind You”, and will feature The Society.

Zeta and Vasaraga will appear, as well as a new character, who is their superior officer.

New Limited Series Character

As expected, the new Limited Series Character is Olivia.

New Summon

Grimnir will be the Wind element equivalent of Shiva (120% wind attack).

Pandemonium Final Chapter

The Final Chapter of Pandemonium (Co-op) will finally be coming. Along with it, the final limit break (4☆) for Job Masterpieces will also come.

Codename “EX II”

This will most likely be a new series of EX jobs (rather than Class V). The first one announced is Black Cat Doctor.

Limit Bonus Expansion

New Limit Bonuses are to be added, so you will be able to make your characters stronger in new ways.

Rank Cap Up

The Rank Cap is being increased from 200 to 225.

Character + Limit Up

The maximum limit of pluses that you can add to characters is being increased from 99 to 300.

Codename “Magna II”

A new set of elemental battles, modelled after the 120% summons (Shiva, Europe, Broodia, Grimnir) will be appearing in game some time in the future. the Light and Dark enemies are yet to be announced, but they will be brand new enemies.

We’ve been told that they will be 30-person High Level Battles (Rank 101+), and will be harder than the HL Magna battles, but weaker than the 6-person HL elemental battles.

There will be new weapons too.

Magna Upgrade

Magna weapons will be strengthened and Magna Summons will receive their Final Limit Break (4☆).

Character Song Vol. 13

The newest character song CD will be Narumea (CV: M・A・O).


There was a game/present corner during the final stage today. Here is a summary of all the items that will be sent to our present boxes later.

  • 1× Damascus Bar
  • 50× 1/2 Elixir
  • 200,000 Rupees
  • 3000 Crystals
  • 150× Soul Seeds
  • 1× SR+ Guranteed Gacha Ticket
  • 1× Kongou / Sun stone
  • 2500 JP
  • 1× Chevalier Sword Magna to be added to the store

There is another present corner in tomorrow’s stage events so there will be more to come.

That’s it for this time. I might do something for tomorrow too, but don’t count on it being timely because I’ll be at the convention centre myself.

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