Granblue Fes 2017 Day 2 News Roundup

Hello, it’s me again! Today I’m reporting directly from the main stage in Makuhari Messe.

Anyway, here’s a summary of what was announced today.

Project Re:LINK

Fukuhara showed off some live gameplay from the game. In that segment, Fukuhara controlled Katalina and strolled around the city. There were also many familiar NPCs.

He also showed off a battle segment with Katalina, Io, Percival and Rackam. The four of them combined attacks, abilities and charge attacks to defeat two waves of goblins and then a giant Goblin Knight.

Mechanics like Over Drive, Abilities, Charge Attacks, are all present in the game. Break mode does not appear to be in.

New Year’s Event

The usual new year’s event will be taking place this year too. As usual, the SR of the Zodiac character, Makira, will be obtainable.

This year, the event will be changing slightly, because hitting a bell over and over must have gotten boring.

New Zodiac Character

The dog year Zodiac character will be Vajira. Contrary to expectations, the character is female.

2018 New Year’s Skins

The new New Year’s skins for 2018 will feature Lancelot, Charlotte and Zeta.

New Side Story

The Duelist of Eternity collaboration event will be added as a side story in January. This will be the first collaboration event to be added as such.

January Final Limit Break

Come January, Lucio’s unlock weapon, Eden, will get its final limit break.

SSR Anira will also get a final limit break.

New Stamp Set

The Vira stamp set is finally ready. It will be implemented around next week. According to Kimura, most multi-battle communications can be done with Vira stamps.

Arcarum Updates

Lining up with the 4th Anniversary of Granblue Fantasy in March 2018, a new difficulty is being added to Arcarum.

Arcarum Weapons

Arcarum Weapons will also be added for the 4th Anniversary.

Arcarum Summon Limit Break Cap Up

The limit break cap for the Arcarum summons will be raised by one, allowing the summons to reach level 150. It’s worth nothing that this is not their Final limit break, which means there will be more in future.

Arcarum Sages

The 10 sages that appear in Arcarum will be playable! These characters will be implemented some time after 4th Anniversary (March).

Zeus-type Summons for 4th Anniversary Event Rewards

This isn’t confirmed to be happening yet, and Cygames will take into account the reaction and feedback from players regarding this, but they are currently considering making Zeus-type Summons available to players as choices for the 4th Anniversary event rewards.

These event reward summons will not be as strong as the gacha ones (Kimura said maybe 10% or so weaker), and there would be an option to select a sun stone for people that do not need these summons (e.g. if they have the gacha version).

What Makes the Sky Blue Part II

A sequel to the major 3rd Anniversary event is coming soon!

A trailer showed all the Primarchs from the previous event returning, and Sandalphon looks stronger than before.


As with yesterday, a lot of presents were given out today. This is the final list:

  • 150× Soul Seeds
  • 3× Gold Moons
  • 2500 JP
  • 2× Arcarum Passport
  • 1× Gold Bar
  • 50× 1/2 Elixirs
  • 1× Gold Spellbook
  • 3000 Crystals

And that’s it! Time to go back into hibernation.

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