Light Grande Build feat. Zoe

The original purpose of this site was to write up guides to help people understand mechanics, and also to have fun with some theory-crafting. However, for some reasons (laziness and being busy), I ended up only writing up about the damage calculation formula plus some tidbits about Chevalier Magna Sword and it turned out that Southrop ended up contributing most of the content by translating news and stuff. But this time, I managed to find some motivation to write up something after getting a Grande summon not so long ago.


One of the main reasons I decided to write about this build, and in extenso about Grande builds, is because most of the guides I read about Grande builds are severely outdated; most of them still feature the double Grande setup (main and assist summons), which is not very relevant anymore — at least at higher levels.

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Language Settings Update: Alpha version

On Thursday, March 31st  18:45 (JST), a new Language Settings feature, with an English option available, has been added for a limited number of players. It can be accessed via the Menu > Settings (設定) > 言語設定/Language button.

The official release of the Language option is due to be on Monday, April 11th (no time given).

As the feature is still in its alpha stage, there are parts of the game that haven’t been translated yet. The already translated parts might also be subject to changes or corrections before the official release.

The new contents added after Friday, April 1st may be released untranslated as well.