Skill Types

  • Normal
    The general type skill found on weapons obtained from gacha and events (except collaborations).
    Basically anything not belonging in the two other types.
    Bahamut weapons Race ATK UP skills also belong to the Normal type.
  • Mag
    Colloquially known as “Magna” and are identified by having “方陣” (Magic Square) in the skill name.
    Found on weapons from the 6 main story Primal raids: Tiamat, Colossus, Leviathan, Yggdrasil, Chevalier and Celeste.
  • EX
    Colloquially known as “Unknown” or “Collab”
    Found on collaboration events weapons ([email protected], Tales of, Street Fighter, Slayers, etc)

Skill Effects

  • ATK UP
    Skills raising attack power. Usually having 攻刃 in the name.
  • Potential
    Skills giving a status boost proportionally to the character currentHP/maxHP
    Usually having 背水 in the name for the ones giving an ATK boost.

Skill Proficiency

  • ATK UP (S/M/L)
    respectively // versions of the XXの攻刃 skill in Japanese
    Raises the attack power of characters of a given element
    Found on Normal and Collab Weapons
  • ATK UP (LL)
    XXの攻刃II skill in Japanese
    Enhanced version of the previous skill.
  • Mag ATK UP (M) / Mag ATK UP (L)
    respectively XX方陣・攻刃 and XX方陣・攻刃II in Japanese
    Raises the attack power of characters of the weapon element
    Found on Mag Weapons

Summon Blessing Types

  • Elemental ATK UP
    Raises the attack power of attacks of a given element
    The most common blessing – i.e.: the ones having X属性攻撃力がXX%UP in their description (X referring to a given element)
  • Character ATK UP
    Raises the attack power of characterse of a given element
    Indicated by having X属性キャラ攻撃力がYY%UP in the blessing description (Diablos, Cybele, Satyr, etc)
  • X Type UP
    Raises the proficiency of weapon skills having certain keywords in their names.tribute (X referring to the Type)